Wednesday, 30 December 2009

bits n bobs...

Lets start with this tonight... Vampire Cafe spotting a new vampire book series from Jill Myles.

The New York Post has been comparing Vampire Diaries and Twilight... see below.

Bloody Disgusting has lots of new "Daybreakers" stills and a link to a new website for the upcoming film.

Dread Central has some new stills from "Vampire Diaries" here.

The first review i have seen of the new game "Castlevania : The rebirth" is here.

The national Post discusses why abstinant vampires are so in fashion, and Chapelhillnews asks why modern vampires are not a patch on the originals.

Taliesin today reviews a "Murder She Wrote" episode featuring vamps.

Tuesday, 29 December 2009

vampire cows...

Vampire Cafe has stayed busy over the xmas period... thanks to Deaana and everyone over there!

First tonight, they have spotted this, a feature on Alcide, a new character for true blood season III.

Lesbian Vampire Killers wasnt great. In fact, its been one of the biggest flops of 2009, according to the website.

Vampire Cafe is handing out its 2009 Vampy Awards... head over there and vote!

Bloody Disgusting has some more casting news for True Blood season III here. has some new pics from The Vampire Diaries.

Vampire Cafe spotted this, a new 40 second teaser trailer for Being Human season II.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this, a behind the scenes report on "Priest"

I think, this has to be the first time i have come across a Vampire Cow anywhere - Taliesin will let us know, im sure. Beware the Cownt!

Taliesin today reviews "Hercules against the moon men" from 1964

Monday, 28 December 2009

Rosencrantz & Guildestern are Undead

Vampchix blog tonight has an interview with the author of "jane Bites Back", Michael Thomas Ford

Vampire Cafe spotted this... a Vampire Diaries mid-season quiz.

Big news of the night... BloodyDisgusting has unearthed the release date, trailer and first stills for "Rosencrantz & Guildestern are Undead". April 16th is the big day...

The vamp(ish) Jennifers Body is out on Blu-ray tomorrow, details here. Dread Central also has some DVD details of "The Vampires Assistant" here.

News for those of you interested in buying "the Dracula Files" computer game... it will be bundled with "The Complete Dracula" digital comic.

Taliesin today reviews "Koishite Akuma", a 10 part japanese vampire series.

Vampires in Dr Who...

A quiet sunday on the news front, but we still have some good stuff.

Thanks to taliesin for spotting this - the next series of Dr Who looks to have a Vampire episode, namely "The Vampires of Venice", interestingly penned by the creator of the wonderful being Human.

Vampire Cafe spotted an article on Guillermo del toro's "The Strain" and a review of "(lesbian) Vampire killers"

2009 was the year of the vampire, according to Nwitimes

There is news of 3 new actors for Twilight : Eclipse here.

Taliesin today reviews the Strigoi short "Viy"

Saturday, 26 December 2009

Dark Shadows & the Von Vamps...

Ok, hope everyone had a great xmas! time to get back to bringing some vampire goodies to you all.

Fearnet has a feature on the upcoming "Dark Shadows" project between Tim Burton and Johnny Depp here.

Good news for those of us in the UK - Vampire Diaries is coming to ITV2 in early 2010, promo trailer below.

Vampire Cafe has been very busy, they have also spotted this on Youtube - Bite : The Series

Vampchix blog brings us a very festive 12 vamps of christmas.

Vampire Cafe also spotted a new Daybreakers poster.

Vampire Cafe spotted this feature on "Higanjima", a japanese vampire film due out sometime in 2010.

One final thing from Vampire Cafe today... The Von vamps : an american vampire christmas.

News of a new vampire book series is here... "Sun Walker" by LeAnn Weaver"

Taliesin today reviews "Night Life" a 2008 film by Timothy Sanderson

Thursday, 24 December 2009

xmas eve vamps...

Vampire Cafe has kept going right up until xmas eve, and they have a few stories today...good thing too, because everyone else has closed down by the looks of it!

First is this... "The Lair, Season III" is set to get a third season on USA cable.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this, a bunch of photo's from "Being Human" Season II.

Anne Rice has given a couple of interviews to the LA Times, where she talks about the current vampire craze, and True Blood.

Bite Club episode 25 is available here.

Vampire Cafe also spotted these... a couple of interviews with Steve Niles, director of the "30 days of night : dark days" film, here and here.

Taliesin today reviews "Two front teeth", a film from 2006.

Hve a great xmas everyone, i'll be back to posting on the 26th.

Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Twilight Vamps...

A little update on the "Being Human" novels mentioned on the blog yesterday... there are in fact three on the way, available from amazon UK in February... thanks to Taliesin for spotting this.

Speaking of Being Human, their Facebook thing reveals today that the second series will begin screening on BBC2 in the UK on the 10th january!

News for those of us in the UK - True Blood season II is coming to FX in February!

Vampire Cafe has a couple of interesting links surrounding "Moonlight", and its possible comeback. Or not.

BloodyDisgusting has an image from the twilight film "Eclipse"

Dread Central has some news on some "Vlad the Impaler" figures just released.

Shocktilyoudrop has news of "Twilight Vamps" - no sparkles, by the sounds of the synopsis! Release date is Jan 19th.

Twilight Vamps: A vampire nudie bar? Let's get the party started! Two guys get the lap dance of their lives at one of the sexiest night clubs around, Shadows, where they encounter a bevy of bounteous beauties with an appetite for human blood. When Tabitha and her gang of to-die-for vampire strippers lead a dusk to dawn marathon of sex, music and more sex, who will survive and what will be left of them? Starring Brandin Rackley, Ashley West, Christine Nguyen and Beverly Lynne.

News of a console release of "Dracula X : Rondo of Blood" is here. There is also news of a Castlevania soundtrack collection being released here.

Tuesday, 22 December 2009

Vampire Diaries casting... 30 days of night sequel details

Vampire Cafe spotted some casting news for Vampire Diaries here... Mia Kirshner is on the way.

The inspired Deaana at Vampire Cafe also spotted this - Being Human books on the way?

BloodyDisgusting has a detailed set visit to the 30 Days of Night sequel, "Dark Days". Shocktilyoudrop also has a preview and interview with the producer here.

Dread Central has Sir Christopher Lee's thoughts on modern horror movies here.

Taliesin today reviews "Vampires and other Stereotypes", a film from 1994 by Kevin J Lindenmuth

Monday, 21 December 2009

Being Human season II trailers

Being Human season II is coming, and i cant wait. Vampire Cafe spotted a taster on youtube...

and the full season II trailer.

The disasterous "Demons" is coming to BBC America for our friends in the USA to enjoy / suffer. It is so bad you will find yourself ranting at the screen, but then that can be fun...

Fangoria has a feature on the imminent "Daybreakers"

BloodyDisgusting has a high res "Priest" poster here.

Dread Central has news that "I Sell the dead" is to be released on DVD and blu-ray in March. We saw this at the Bram Stoker Film Festival in October, and as well as having a short vampire appearance, its a damned good film!

Some Castlevania game news here... "Castlevania the adventure rebirth" has appeared on the konami website.

Taliesin today reviews "Skinners book 2 : Howling Legion"

Sunday, 20 December 2009

More True Blood casting...

Vampire Cafe spotted this interview with True Blood's Eric here, and a little more casting news here.

American Universities are now starting to offer courses on vampires in literature... read more about this here.

There is news of a new teen vampire book here... Northanger Alibi

The LA Times has a piece called "The Vampirization of America"

Taliesin today reviews "Sword of Dracula" a graphic novel by Jason Henderson.

Saturday, 19 December 2009

True Blood Casting

Well...combination of the weekend and xmas approaching, and the news just dries up. Heres what i do have though...

Dread Central has some more True Blood casting news for Season 3... Lindsay Pulsipher joining up.

A little news from Bloody Disgusting on Priest here... release date moved forward a week to Aug 20th 2010.

Taliesin today reviews "Blood Blade" a book by Marcus PelegrimasTrue Blood casting...

Friday, 18 December 2009

Dracula Cha Cha

Friday night fangs... lets see what goodies we have tonight.

The New York post is running with "Why Vampire Diaries is better than Twilight", spotted by Vampire Cafe.

There is more on True Blood's new cast members here.

Also spotted by Vampire Cafe... another new "Daybreakers" clip, showing the perks for those vamps hunting humans. BloodyDisgusting has a clip showing a vampire protecting humans here.

And some Twilight spinoff rubbish, this time news of a reality TV show based on Forks. And more... Dread Central has something on Twilight Easter Eggs for the iPhone here.

Funniest thing i have seen for a while... Indiegames has a clip from "Dracula Cha Cha"

Taliesin today reviews "She lives by night" a film from 2001 by Brett Hull

Gil's All Fright Diner

Thursday night, time for some vampire treats.

Bite Club episode 24 is available to download here.

Film news! and some big news at that. Dreamworks animation looks set to make "Gil's all fright diner" based on the novel by A Lee Martinez.

Shocktilyoudrop has a new Daybreakers poster here.

There is a feature on Slain's castle here... this castle is in Aberdeen and is said to have inspired Bram Stoker during his writing of Dracula.

There is a free e-book download of "Already Dead" by Charlie Huston here.

Taliesin today reviews "Supernatural - Dorabella" TV episode from 1977

Thursday, 17 December 2009

Vampire Tales

Starting here tonight... Gabrielle Faust has done a piece for the examiner on True Blood's season III werewolf here.

Shocktilyoudrop has news of horror-comedy "Vampire Tales" here.

Being Human has launched a viral website here.

vampire cafe is running its 2009 vampy awards here.

A new promo for Vampire Diaries is out...

This isnt new, but i have to share this. The worst and wierdest vampire merchandise.

There is a little more True Blood season III casting news here... a new toy for Eric. Also some more from Shocktilyoudrop here.

Vampchix site has a great list of December vampire book releases here.

Spike TV has aired a new clip from Daybreakers here - a riot scene.

Jason Segel performed "Dracula's lament" on the late late show last night...

Taliesin today reviews "The Pumpkin Seed", a 2009 book by Timothy C Hobbs

Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Damn Nation, Facebook & Daybreakers team up

Tuesday night... I have suffered a day trailing around shops in a day of hectic xmas shopping, so its a relief to get back here.

True Blood news first - Bill & Sookie have been nominated for Golden Globe awards.

Dread Central has news of Being Human series II.

More film news! "Damn Nation" has found it's writers, with Paramount set to produce the film.

More from Dread Central now, with Facebook and Daybreakers teaming up to capture humans.

MTV runs with a piece claiming that Eclipse has an extraordinary ending.

Vampire Cafe spotted a little True Blood casting news here.

A new Castlevania game is close. Heres a first look at the vampires in the game.

Monday, 14 December 2009

The Devil's Gravestones

Right, news time.

E! online has published a top 10 vampires we love set of videos... watch them here, spotted by Vampire Cafe.

Film News! "The Devils Gravestones" is on the way... spotted by Vampire Cafe once again.

One final item spotted by Vampire Cafe is here... Vampires : the long standing trend.

Shocktilyoudrop has found two new Daybreakers posters.

Sunday, 13 December 2009

Dead Cert details, Vampire Diaries marathon trailer

Sundays are usually quiet, but here's what we have tonight.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - Anne Rice likes Bill Compton. There is also an interview with Anne Rice here.

There is a Vampire Diaries marathon coming to american TV soon... there is even a trailer for it.

Shocktilyoudrop has been to the set of "Dead Cert" and has a very detailed article here... a must read!

Taliesin today does a 'vamp or not' on "Wicked lake", a film from 2008 by Zach Passero

Saturday, 12 December 2009

Being Human returns...

Time for some weekend goodies, starting with what the folks over at Vampire Cafe have unearthed.

There are some behind the scenes videos from True Blood here.

Some Being Human season II news now... vampire cafe spotted this video.

There is much more on "Vlad" here, a new film being worked on by Summit Entertainment and Brad Pitt's studio.

News for people wanting to see Vampire Diaries in the UK - its coming to iTunes long before TV.

Friday, 11 December 2009

Live Evil and Vampiro

Vampire Cafe spotted some True Blood gossip here. On the subject of True Blood, the cover art for book 10 of the Sookie Stackhouse is here.

Deaana at Vampire Cafe has an update from the people behind "Live Evil" here.

Dread Central carries a review of recently released Mexican / American film Vampiro.

Dread Central also has news of some new Living Dead Doll vampires.

Taliesin today reviews "insomnie" an obscure vampire film from 1965.

Vlad and a new Daybreakers trailer

Lets start here tonight. Vampire Cafe spotted the release of the international Daybreakers trailer.

Some more news on "Vlad", spotted by Vampire Cafe again. Looks like there are to be no vampires... no mention of dracula... just a biopic of Vlad III. I suppose after sparkling vegetarian pouting and sulking vampires, the only place they could go with a vampire film would be... no vamps at all.

Vampire Cafe also has this. There is a new webseries called "The Bite" on the way, here is a video about it.

Shocktilyoudrop has a little more on the "Dark Shadows" remake here.

Shocktilyoudrop also has a little news on "Eclipse" here.

Next Tuesday on the late late show, there is set to be some vampire action with Jason Segal and a puppett vampire.

Taliesin today reviews "Vampire Chicks with Chainsaws". Good thing summit entertainment didnt do that film...

Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Back to blogging... Dark Shadows news!

Ok, we made it home. finally, and a few hundred pounds out of pocket. So, with that, i intend to inflict some misery on people...

... and i can think of nothing more horrific than this. Demons was quite something to behold, when it was on ITV... read Talisin's review here. Well now... BBC America is about to share the joy.

While i have been away, it has been widely reported that Johnny Depp's version of Dark Shadows is to film in Sept / October 2010.

Bite club episode 23 is available here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this... news of Transylmania's spectaculr failure at the box office. has a review of Orlock 3d.

The Anita Blake movie didnt happen unfortunately. Vampire Cafe spotted Linda K Hamilton saying the movie would not have had any sex scenes missing.

Dread Central has more casting news for "Sherwood Horror" here.

There is new here that the "Priest" release date has been moved forwards a little to 27th August 2010.

BloodyDisgusting has news that "Eclipse" will be shown at IMAX, the 360 degree screen.

Bloodydisgusting also has some true blood news... Pam is to be given a far bigger role in season 3 it seems.

Daybreakers has a twitter service now running... Dreadcentral has the details here.

Hindu vampire mythology is not something i see every day making the headlines... so this is all the more interesting.

Monday, 7 December 2009

an extended absence

ok, monday was optimistic. Basically, we ran over a chunk of metal on a trip to the south coast, which has put a hole in the fuel tank of the car... and fingers crossed, at the moment we will have it back by friday to come home. (no thanks to LLOYDS INSURANCE, who are quite happy to abandon us without a car down here if ours cant be fixed, thanks guys!)

so... i dont have net access in general for another week, but heres a couple of highlights i've spotted at Vampire Cafe while i can do a post.

Horror of Sherwood is a film that has been talked about for a while... the cafe has casting details here, courtesy of shocktilyoudrop.

Summit entertainment has teamed up with Brad Pitt's production company to come up with a film called "Vlad", which takes a look at Vlad Tepes, the Prince behind the dracula story. Details are here.

The Vampire Cafe spotted a review of "Vampire party" here.

Thursday, 3 December 2009

a break...

Sorry folks. I am away for a few days, i'll get back to blogging monday all being well.

Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Blood Oath & The Fixer

Lets start with this tonight. Dread Central has news of a 3d vampire film being in the works, from director Albert Pyun.

Suburban Vampire spotted this - "The Fixer", an upcoming tv series based on the Lawson vampire series.

True Blood is up for some recognition at The Satellite Awards, spotted by

Fangoria has an interview with David Chackler, the man behind the Fright Night soundtrack.

Vampire Cafe spotted this BIG news. Jack Bauer with fangs! ok, well not Jack himself, but a similar role for Nathaniel Cade, a vampire protecting presidents for over a century. "Blood Oath" is expecting in May 2010.

More from Deaana at vampire cafe, who spotted an interview with Transylmania director Patrick Cavanaugh.

The Cafe also has a piece on the Breaking Dawn 1 or 2 films debate.

Dread Central has a second TV spot for Daybreakers here.

This is scary. William Shatner with fangs, from the Tonight show last night.

There is a piece called "the real science and history of vampires" here.

There is an interview with vampire expert Joseph Laycock here.

Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bleeder, Monster in the House

Gabrielle Faust has done a feature on True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard here. Gabrielle has just finished the first draft of the third book in the Eternal Vigilance series, well worth a read...

The second episode of webseries "Bleeder" is due out today.

Vampire Cafe spotted a new music video... The Sparks - We Love like Vampires.

Big news here, spotted by Dread Central. The Director of the fabulous "Being Human" is working on a new, similar sounding project...Monster in the House - full details here.

True Blood season III details are starting to leak out. has some casting news for Sam's mother here, details of episode 2 are here, and news of Marshall Allman's role in season III is here.

A little sad news... Paul Naschy has passed away. read details of his career, which included roles as dracula here.

Dread Central has spotted a second Daybreakers trailer here.

Dread Central also has some news on the final part of the Twilight saga, "Breaking Dawn"

Oh lord no. MTV has some speculation that there is to be a Twilight TV spinoff.

News of a new game for the iPhone here - Vampire Puff-Puff

A little Vampire Diaries news here... Kelly Hu is to guest star.

Taliesin today reviews "The Collector" TV episode.

There have been quite a few Vampire Romance books released today... i count nine. Details are on the Vampire Romance Books site.

Monday, 30 November 2009

Bite & more Transylmania clips

Right, Thanksgiving weekend is done, hopefully things are back to normal with the horror sites out there.

A little true blood season 3 news, from Aussie Grant Bowler is joining the cast. has found two more clips from "Transylmania" here.

A little PC game news... Halocraft are to release a title called "Dragon vs Dracula 4" Some more here, with news that a Dracula shooter game is coming to the PSP.

News of a new webseries here. Bite is due to release its first episode Jan 2010.

Taliesin today has some Scooby Doo and vampires fun to review.

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Hellsing OVA

This is turning into a daily feature. Yet more twilight spoofing! Spotted by Vampire Cafe. has an interview with Bill here.

The Eagletribune carries an interview with vampire expert Dr Thomas Greene here.

A little comic news here... Dracula vs King Arthur!

Hellsing OVA is coming to Animax, news here.

Taliesin today reviews "The little vampire" tv series.

Saturday, 28 November 2009

New Moon : The Puppett Saga

Its thanksgiving weekend, so news is still extremely thin on the ground. However, dread central rides to the rescue with New Moon : The Puppett Saga.

Friday, 27 November 2009

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy thanksgiving, to our American friends! Unfortunately that means most horror sites arent being updated, but i've still got a little news to bring you.

This made me laugh... more boots being put into the horror that is twilight, this time by Vampire Cafe.

Bite Club episode 21 is available to download here. carries an interview with L J Smith, authour of the series here.

Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bloodsucka Jones and We are the Night

I'll start with this tonight. I've had the S.O.P.H.I.E banner at the foot of the blog since i started, if no-one knows what its about, just click on the banner and see.

The Sophie Lancaster foundation has launched a new video. Watch it, and pass the link on. It could have been any of us...

An update from the crew behind "Bloodsucka Jones" now...
David Lewis meets the girl of his dreams who turns out to be a vampire. When her brother and his gang of preppy douchebag vampires set out to kill him he enlists the help of Tony the worst vampire hunter ever. They team up to get in worse trouble than when they started and as all seams lost they are helped by Bloodsucka Jones the long forgotten 70's comic book hero, vampire hunter and all around badass. Along with sexy sidekick Vanessa they train to became the mediocre heroes they were meant to be. Blood, babes, boobs, gore, chicks, vampires, severed heads, bad language, punching, kicking, biting, screaming, and gratuitous everything.....No it's not Shakespeare it's the best damn movie ever!

Foxnews has a piece called "Are vampires real?" here.

This isnt funny. really it isnt. ok it is. A Vampire intervention, reported by the examiner.

Big news of the night... a new trailer for "We are the night" spotted by

Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wannabee and a new Daybreakers trailer

I have nooo idea what to make of this. A new Wii game with... vampire bunnies? Spotted by Vampire Cafe!

Vampire Cafe also spotted this, another new Transylmania clip.

Fearnet has an interview with Steve Niles, director of the next "30 days of Night" film.

Dread Central has another fantastic twilight spoof here.

New film news! Spotted by Dread Central, "Wannabee" is now on sale on DVD.

More big news here at Shocktilyoudrop, who have spotted a new Daybreakers trailer.

There is a nice article called "Twilight, Vampires and Christianity" here.

There is news that "Vampyres", the film from 1974 is to be released on Blu Ray March 30th.

The Independant has a nice piece here as well. "Vampires : from freak to chic"

Taliesin today reviews the book "Bite : A Vampire Handbook" by Kevin Jackson

Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Twilight fun and games...

Yesterday was a bit slow, hope tonight brings a few more goodies.

You know, i am starting to like twilight. At least, i am liking the mickey-takes. Vampire Cafe has this gem.

There is an article on "transylmania" here.

Dread Central has an interview with the director of "30 Days of Night : Dark Days" runs with its review of "thirst" here.

Vampire Cafe has some early details of the New Moon DVD here.

Bloody Disgusting has a new Transylmania clip here.

The DVD art for what has been renamed "Vampire Killers" for US release is here at Shocktilyoudrop. This was roundly slated by everyone over in Europe as "lesbian Vampire Killers" of course.

Fearnet spotted this delightful idea... a casket for holding your wine bottles.

Craveonline has a nice article - ten things i hate about twilight here.

Staying on twilight, since there is little else out there at the moment on the news front. The Independant puts the boot in here, well worth a read!

Taliesin today reviews "McCloud meets Dracula" a TV episode from 1977

Monday, 23 November 2009

No Anita Blake movie, and Empire of Night on the way

ok, so this isnt new, but i thought i would start with this tonight. Its got Bugs Bunny and its got vampires, spotted by Gabrielle Faust

Some bad news now... spotted by vampire Cafe. Linda K Hamilton says that an Anita Blake movie is not going to happen here.

And the Twilight comedy keeps coming. Spotted by Taliesin, enjoy!

The Monster Squad 20th anniversary is out on Blu-ray, Fearnet has the details here.

There is a peek at a new vampire MMO game on the way, Empire of Night here.

Taliesin today reviews "The Chose One" a film from 2009 by Theodore Collatos.

Its a vampire book release day, with no less than 6 titles hitting the shelves. Check the blue calendar at the bottom of the blog for details!

Sunday, 22 November 2009

New Moon stuff, Priest news has viewing figures for New Moon's opening weekend.

Dread Central has two reviews of New Moon here.

Dread Central also has a little news from "Priest" - production is finished!

The NewZealand Herald has a nice 3 page article on Dracula and Whitby here.

The Vatican puts the boot into New Moon here. they didnt like it either...

Taliesin today reviews "Loved ones" a 2008 film by Shawn Cain

Saturday, 21 November 2009

Lost Boys 3 casting news...

Quite frankly, weekends are usually plain old rubbish for news. Here's hoping tonight bucks the trend.

Gabrielle Faust has news of a Vampire Ball to be held in Portland, Oregan on the 27th march 2010... the 8th annual event to be held there.

Gabrielle Faust also spotted this... True Blood collectible things!

Dread Central has Lost Boys 3 news and film details. Tanit Phoenix is joining the cast as the leading lady for the film.

The WinnipegFreePress has a nice article called "Sex and the vampire"

The kansas city star has a piece that says "vampire love isnt healthy"

Another twilight spoof here... how it should have ended, spotted on an MTV page here.

The examiner has an interview with Anne Rice here.

Werewolves sexier than vamps? This article thinks so. gets stuck into sparkly vampires here in a good long written piece.

Taliesin today gets stuck into "New Moon"

Friday, 20 November 2009


I like this. Its a Twilight parody a day this week! This one was spotted by the wonderful Vampire Cafe.

Bloody Disgusting has news that more "30 Days of Night" sequels are planned, after a chat with director Steve Niles.

Shocktilyoudrop has news of "Underworld IV", with the writer being named.

The JustJared site has news of the "I Kissed a vampire" webseries... its now on youtube, to be precise.

Bite Club #20 is available to download here.

CNN has a piece called "The changing face of Vampires, from Dracula to Edward"

Vampire Cafe has a nice bundle of Vampire Diaries stuff around episode 10 here, and an even bigger collection of New Moon stuff here.

Dread Central has the predictable news that New Moon is breaking records. If anyone bothered to listen to the several reviews i have seen or heard on the film, i doubt those figures would let it break even, let alone break records. Read Bloody Disgusting's review from yesterday if you dont believe me.

Oh now this is a real gem. Dread Central spotted this... an advert for Vampax.

The VictoriaAdvocate has a piece on the evolution of vampires here.

Cinematical has a nice piece called "What makes a real vampire?"

Thursday, 19 November 2009

Nightfall & Lots more

Starting with some True Blood news tonight... Gabrielle Faust's Examiner page has some details from Eric saying, shockingly... Season III will have lots of nudity.

Another Twilight gem is here, spotted by Taliesin.

Vampchix blog tonight has the November Vampire Book releases.

Scifiwire has a feature on upcoming vampire film "Priest" here.

Vampire Cafe has a couple of interviews from "the lair" season III.

Vampires get everywhere. Onto the Simpson soon, it appears. Daniel Radcliffe is lined up to be a little yellow vampire...

Bloody Disgusting spotted the UK poster for Daybreakers here.

New Film news! Spotted by Vampire Cafe, Nightfall is going to be adapted from Scott O. Brown and Ferran Xalabarder’s original graphic novel.

Bloody Disgusting has its review of "New Moon" here.

Bloody Disgusting also has two new stills from "daybreakers" here.

There is a nice article called "Lure of the vampire" here

411mania has its best vampires and werewolves in horror here.

Taliesin today reviews "Child of a dead god", a book from 2008 by Barb and JC Hendee.

Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Daybreakers TV spot & Lolvamps!

Suburban Vampire spotted this gem. Enjoy!

Vampire Cafe spotted news of a Vampire Ball, to be held in London, Nov 26-28. The official website and forum are here.

This deserves a mention, and i really hope it does as well as it deserves to. Lolvamps!

Vampire Cafe spotted this - The ten worst vamps in film history.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this... a tv spot for Daybreakers

Shocktilyoudrop spotted this bit of news from "Vamps" - the director is after Michelle Pfeiffer for a role.

Nicole Hadaway has a feature on Rhiannon Frater's new vampire novel‏ The Tale of the Vampire Bride here.

Taliesin today has unearthed a vampire pizza ad!

Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Higanjima details...

True Blood Q&A sessions first tonight, spotted by Vampire Cafe.

Two new Vampire Diaries clips have appeared, from episode 10.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - Higanjima, which will be released Jan 9th 2010 in Japan.

There is a piece on the vampire community in Atlanta here.

Twilight silliness now, spotted by Dread Central. Twilight barbie dolls anyone?

Vampire Mania - its all about sex, according to metronews. Fox news has a similar article here.

Taliesin today reviews "Scarlet Moon"

Monday, 16 November 2009

Fright Night remake news & Buffy webseries & Patient X

This first tonight... Thanks to Gabriel who spotted this over at Shocktilyoudrop. Details of the Fright Night remake are here.

Vampire Cafe has news of a week long vampire Diaries marathon here.

Fearnet tonight has a set report from "Stake Land"

Big news of the night... news of a new Buffy web series spotted by scifiwire.

Bloody Disgusting has news of "Patient X" including pics, poster and trailer.

Vampire Cafe has a collection of 4 True Blood interviews here.

Today is of course "New Moon" premiere day. Dread Central has a special feature here.

News of a new film from The Whitby Gazette. "Christian" is being shot entirely in Dracula's town.

News of a new book here. "The Serial killer and Vampire Guardian Angel Diaries" by Lia Scott Price.

There is news of a possible fifth twilight book here.

Taliesin today leafs through "Pinnochio : Vampire Slayer"

Sunday, 15 November 2009

The Bleeding first review, and posters

Christmas approaches... Vampire Cafe has been good enough to post some nice vampy xmas shopping places here. has a video interview with Charlaine Harris here.

Rumours that Vampire Diaries is about to take a month or two off over the xmas period are here.

Horror has unearthed the poster for the remake of "Let Me In"

Vampire Cafe has the two posters for "Lost Boys 3 : The Thirst"

BloodyDisgusting has a report and review from the premiere of "The Bleeding"

Taliesin today reviews "Guru - the mad monk"

New Moon snippets

Weekends are normally quiet, hopefully there will be a few interesting snippets though.

Gabrielle Faust has done a nice piece on Vampires going green here.

Vampire Cafe spotted some Vampire Diaries casting news here, and a couple of interviews with people from the New Moon set here.

Sticking with new Moon, dread central has an uncensored interview with some of the cast here.

The LA Times has a piece called "on the trail of vampires" here.

The LA Times also has a report on Stephanie meyer's appearance on Oprah here.

Taliesin today reviews Tsui Hark's "Vampire Hunters" from 2002.

Friday, 13 November 2009

Being Human Season II news

ok, it was a big news night last night, lets see if we can match it.

This is an interesting site, with some nice thoughts on some vampire TV series.

Vampire Cafe has a review of Gena Showalter's "The Vampires Bride"

Bloody Disgusting has a little news from behind the scenes of "Castlevania", and some directorial shuffling.

"Being Human" news now, and an interview with the director shooting Season 2.

Taliesin today gets stuck into "Blood : The Last vampire"

Mangalife has a review of "Vampire Knight v8"

The Gastongazette has a nice piece on vampires here.

Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fright Night remake & Criminal Minds goes vamp

Lets start with this tonight... yes, xmas is coming. The london Vampyre Group is to hold its xmas party on the 28th November.

The London Vampyre Group Christmas Party: Silent Night – Rest In Pieces
Saturday 28th November @ Penderels Oak Cellar Bar, High Holborn, London
For more information and tickets visit

Suburban Vampire has news of the Award winning films from The Vampire Film Festival.

Big news from the night is from Bloody Disgusting - The rumoured Fright Night remake is back on.

Vampire Cafe has interviews with Sam & Lafayette from True Blood here, and an interview with Bill here.

The Bite Club#19 podcast is available to download here.

fangoria has some more pics from "dead cert" here.

Filmshaft has published its top ten vampire films here.

News from MTV that tonight's "Criminal Minds" episode has Gavin Rossdale starring as a vampire.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this piece on Vampire Myths

Couldnt let this pass without sharing the horror with you all. Volvo are running Twilight adverts with their new car in them.

A friend (thanks Brittany) also passed this site on, for all you twilight & volvo fans. has a little casting news for upcoming Vampire Diaries episodes here.

There is more on the launch of "City of Eternals", a mass player game for Facebook here.

News of another game being launched is here... Fantasy Warrior : Good and Evil

and finally... taliesin today reviews "vampire party", a film from 2008 by Directors: Stephen Cafiero & Vincent Lobelle.

Wednesday, 11 November 2009


Starting with this tonight, courtesy of Gabrielle Faust's site Eternal vigilance. The theme for next year's vampire masquerade ball in New Orleans has been announced.

Vampire Cafe spotted another new "new Moon" clip below.

Fearnet runs with a piece on the many vampire shows nominated for the Peoples Choice Awards.

BloodyDisgusting has a new clip from "Transylmania" which is released December 5th.

Bloodydisgusting also has a feature on the recent "New Moon" press conference here.

New Film News!! Shocktilyoudrop has spotted "Maidenhead" and has the trailer and poster.

Bowen (best known for his performances in The Signal and most recently Ti West's The House Of The Devil) plays Martin, an awkward yet dutiful son that's taking care of his bed confined father played by Parks. Oh... did we mention dad's a vampire and needs to drink virgin blood?

Tigerweekly has news of a Dracula compendium, by John Edgar Browning. The book is called "Dracula: The Sourcebook, A Guide to Film and Television, Comic Books and Video Gaming." The book is to be published in 2010 by McFarland, according to an article released by the LSU Website.

News of a new vampire game next. "City of Eternals" is coming.

Twilighters Anonymous has news of 2 more vampire baseball events here.

A sale i should mention, for those of you in the UK. currently has a sale on all its vampire and dracula film posters.

Taliesin today reviews "Haunting Desires" by Fred Olen Ray

Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Blood : A Butchers Tale & Fangforce

Well yesterday was quiet... lets see if tonight is any better.

Starting with this, from The people's Choice Awards are coming, and theres a chance True Blood is going to win, but it needs your vote!

Vampire Cafe has news of a new vampire book "The Wolf House" by Mary Borsellino.

Dread Central has news of a new kids tv series, "Fang Force"... with 26 30minute episodes on the way.

New Film news! Bloody Disgusting has news of "Blood : A Butchers Tale"
"Blood: a Butchers Tale, is the harrowing tale of Sam, a simple butcher who discovers that the love of his life, Darcy, is being seduced by a vampire.

As he investigates further, Sam realizes that his destiny is to become the destroyer of this blood thirsty race. Sam begins a killing spree with the slaughter of his beloved wife, then her blood addicted lover.

Sam then makes it his duty to systematically destroy the remainder of the clan, until he hesitates about killing Lily (Campbell), the last of her race. Helplessly he falls in love with Lily and learns to respect her desire to be normal.

Eventually Sam must battle with the possibility of repopulating the planet, with the exact race he set out to destroy.

The Trailer is here
The official website is here.

Spotted this on the bestofblogs site...

A little legal news... Summit entertainment are wielding the lawyers in an attempt to stop the "Beckett Teen Sensations" mag from being published.

Taliesin today reviews "The Lair : Season II"

The Count....

Monday night news time!

Vampire Cafe has a piece that includes mentions of a few obscure vampire productions here.

A piece from Dread Central here, some clips for the upcoming Vampire Diaries episode.

Its the 40th birthday of one of the worlds most famous vampires... The Count! Google is celebrating Sesame street with some logo's...

There is news of a new book "Vampires of Hollywood" written by Adrienne Barbeau, the star of such B-movies as "Swamp Thing," "The Fog" and "Escape from New York"

Taliesin today reviews "Wolvesbayne", a 2009 film by Griff Furst.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Versatile Vampire & True Blood Interviews

Sundays are usually quiet days, but heres what weve got tonight.

Vampire Cafe has a small collection of True Blood related interviews here.

Taliesin reviews "Tomb of the Werewolf" from 2004.

News of a new graphic novel here - "Versatile Vampire" by Yu Yanshu.

There is a nice feature on "How to catch and keep a vampire" here, a book from Diana Laurence. has a nice piece called "sex, blood and vampires" here.

blog news... i've removed the UK Vampires on TV calendar from the foot of the blog... if anyone wants it back, let me know.

Lost boys 4!

Starting with a bit more "Stake Land" news tonight... dread central has a couple more stills here.

Vampire Cafe has some New Moon clips and behind-the-scenes footage here.

Dread central has a first set picture from "let me in" here.

Big news of the night... Lost Boys 4!

There is news of a new book titled "Dracula is Dead", which looks at Romania here.

There is a feature on vampire web series "Dead and Lonely" here.

Taliesin today reviews "Changeling - Dark Moon", a book by Steve Feasey.