Thursday, 12 November 2009

Fright Night remake & Criminal Minds goes vamp

Lets start with this tonight... yes, xmas is coming. The london Vampyre Group is to hold its xmas party on the 28th November.

The London Vampyre Group Christmas Party: Silent Night – Rest In Pieces
Saturday 28th November @ Penderels Oak Cellar Bar, High Holborn, London
For more information and tickets visit

Suburban Vampire has news of the Award winning films from The Vampire Film Festival.

Big news from the night is from Bloody Disgusting - The rumoured Fright Night remake is back on.

Vampire Cafe has interviews with Sam & Lafayette from True Blood here, and an interview with Bill here.

The Bite Club#19 podcast is available to download here.

fangoria has some more pics from "dead cert" here.

Filmshaft has published its top ten vampire films here.

News from MTV that tonight's "Criminal Minds" episode has Gavin Rossdale starring as a vampire.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this piece on Vampire Myths

Couldnt let this pass without sharing the horror with you all. Volvo are running Twilight adverts with their new car in them.

A friend (thanks Brittany) also passed this site on, for all you twilight & volvo fans. has a little casting news for upcoming Vampire Diaries episodes here.

There is more on the launch of "City of Eternals", a mass player game for Facebook here.

News of another game being launched is here... Fantasy Warrior : Good and Evil

and finally... taliesin today reviews "vampire party", a film from 2008 by Directors: Stephen Cafiero & Vincent Lobelle.


  1. Fright Night remake? NO NO NO NO NO NO!!!!!!!

    Why? Can't we just come up with something new? How about making Release into a brand new movie? I'm not completely disappointed because I loved Buffy, but really. Leave the classics alone. This is like the True Grit remake -- it just doesn't need to be done.

    And Gavin Rossdale looks perfect as a vampire.

    The Vampire Volvo of Justice! In a commercial now. Oh wow!

  2. Easy option, i guess... remaking a big name guarentees it some publicity and a fair chance of a profit even if it stinks as a film.

    Release the movie eh? can i be lead actor? i can remember a few lines if you pay me enough...

  3. You can be one of the SS soldiers who meets his end at the claws of the werewolf....!

  4. so my line would be... "AAArrrghg!!"

    Cant i meet my end in the arms of some gorgeous vampire lady? any of those around?