Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Higanjima details...

True Blood Q&A sessions first tonight, spotted by Vampire Cafe.

Two new Vampire Diaries clips have appeared, from episode 10.

Vampire Cafe spotted this - Higanjima, which will be released Jan 9th 2010 in Japan.

There is a piece on the vampire community in Atlanta here.

Twilight silliness now, spotted by Dread Central. Twilight barbie dolls anyone?

Vampire Mania - its all about sex, according to metronews. Fox news has a similar article here.

Taliesin today reviews "Scarlet Moon"


  1. Hey Everlost,

    That HIGANJIMA looks awesome! Just read the plot over at the Vampire Cafe. Good to see another 'unique' storyline on the genre.

    I think Asians do vampires very well, and I am fan of most of their works such as The Twins Effect, Moon Child, Vampire Knight and so forth.

    The fact that they use the European look for their vamps somehow meshs really well with their Asian appearance. The two main vamps you see in the trailer, the male and female look impressive.

    Will keep an eye out for this one!

  2. Oh, and I am not surprised to find out it was originally a Manga. the film does possess that quality. Will look for it next time I am at Borders.

    I'm trying to find wallpapers/screenshots for the film now, primarily for the head Vamps ^V^

  3. Certainly looks to be an improvement on Blood the last vampire, doesnt it? I'll make sure i let you know when i spot a release date outside japan, what region dvd's do you have in oz?