Thursday, 26 November 2009

Bloodsucka Jones and We are the Night

I'll start with this tonight. I've had the S.O.P.H.I.E banner at the foot of the blog since i started, if no-one knows what its about, just click on the banner and see.

The Sophie Lancaster foundation has launched a new video. Watch it, and pass the link on. It could have been any of us...

An update from the crew behind "Bloodsucka Jones" now...
David Lewis meets the girl of his dreams who turns out to be a vampire. When her brother and his gang of preppy douchebag vampires set out to kill him he enlists the help of Tony the worst vampire hunter ever. They team up to get in worse trouble than when they started and as all seams lost they are helped by Bloodsucka Jones the long forgotten 70's comic book hero, vampire hunter and all around badass. Along with sexy sidekick Vanessa they train to became the mediocre heroes they were meant to be. Blood, babes, boobs, gore, chicks, vampires, severed heads, bad language, punching, kicking, biting, screaming, and gratuitous everything.....No it's not Shakespeare it's the best damn movie ever!

Foxnews has a piece called "Are vampires real?" here.

This isnt funny. really it isnt. ok it is. A Vampire intervention, reported by the examiner.

Big news of the night... a new trailer for "We are the night" spotted by


  1. Firstly, I saw this vid posted on Andy's FB page today, and I hadn't heard about the crime before and it's so disgusting. The fact that the youth of today do things on a whim without fear of consequence, and think they are bulletproof is terrifying. Who's to blame?

    I read the wiki article on the crime, and couldn't believe that at the police station one of the murderers was having a good old laugh about it with his mother!!

    Now on a lighter note, Fake New Moon screening.

    HAHAHA. That was awesome.

    Stupid $%^# Twihards! These characters are nothing like vampires, and it's good to see more people who know what a vampire really is (read: haters). I really hope that this is a flash in the pan, and this will soon be forgotten, and replaced with 'proper' vampire fiction.

    There is Team Edward, Team Jacob, Team Alice etc.

    What team do Twilight Haters belong to?

    Team Vampire?

  2. Team vampire! excellent!

    Yeah, its scary, but there are so many people like that running about in the UK... and they say vampires are monsters...