Tuesday, 24 November 2009

Twilight fun and games...

Yesterday was a bit slow, hope tonight brings a few more goodies.

You know, i am starting to like twilight. At least, i am liking the mickey-takes. Vampire Cafe has this gem.

There is an article on "transylmania" here.

Dread Central has an interview with the director of "30 Days of Night : Dark Days"

HorrorMovies.ca runs with its review of "thirst" here.

Vampire Cafe has some early details of the New Moon DVD here.

Bloody Disgusting has a new Transylmania clip here.

The DVD art for what has been renamed "Vampire Killers" for US release is here at Shocktilyoudrop. This was roundly slated by everyone over in Europe as "lesbian Vampire Killers" of course.

Fearnet spotted this delightful idea... a casket for holding your wine bottles.

Craveonline has a nice article - ten things i hate about twilight here.

Staying on twilight, since there is little else out there at the moment on the news front. The Independant puts the boot in here, well worth a read!

Taliesin today reviews "McCloud meets Dracula" a TV episode from 1977

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