Wednesday, 25 November 2009

Wannabee and a new Daybreakers trailer

I have nooo idea what to make of this. A new Wii game with... vampire bunnies? Spotted by Vampire Cafe!

Vampire Cafe also spotted this, another new Transylmania clip.

Fearnet has an interview with Steve Niles, director of the next "30 days of Night" film.

Dread Central has another fantastic twilight spoof here.

New film news! Spotted by Dread Central, "Wannabee" is now on sale on DVD.

More big news here at Shocktilyoudrop, who have spotted a new Daybreakers trailer.

There is a nice article called "Twilight, Vampires and Christianity" here.

There is news that "Vampyres", the film from 1974 is to be released on Blu Ray March 30th.

The Independant has a nice piece here as well. "Vampires : from freak to chic"

Taliesin today reviews the book "Bite : A Vampire Handbook" by Kevin Jackson

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