Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Vampire Diaries spinoff series, Being Human remake details & promo, Shadowland released

Vampire Cafe spotted this news... Kevin Williamson, co-creator of Vampire Diaries is working on a companion series.

BloodyDisgusting has a promo for SyFy's Being Human remake. DreadCentral has cast photo's and character descriptions here.

DreadCentral celebrates host Vampira's birthday here.

Shocktilyoudrop has an interview with The Art of Hammer's Marcus Hearn here.

There is an interview with Guillermo Del Toro here on his new book The Strain.

Taliesin today takes a look at 2002 film "Kiss me if you Dare" by Brad Sykes

Shadowland is released tdaoy... Vampire Film News has a review here.

Monday, 29 November 2010

RIP Leslie Nielsen

A week after the sad death of Countess Dracula Ingrid Pitt, we have lost another classic vampire...RIP Leslie Nielsen, star of Dracula : Dead and Loving It.

Comicbookresources defends the Buffy remake (minus all the original cast and writer) here.

There is a review of the Eclipse Blu-Ray here.

UK Film critic Barry Norman talks about Vampires, vamps and Hammer Horror here.

Ontheflix has news of the vampire sex scenes in Breaking Dawn here.

Sunday, 28 November 2010

Nina Dobrev, Spiral X

The Examiner has an interview with vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev here.

A review of a book I havent spotted before... Spiral X by J J  Westendarp.

Taliesin today takes a look at Red Scream Vampyres

Saturday, 27 November 2010

Breaking Dawn interview with Bill Condon

Fangtastic Books has its guide to some vampire gifts for the holiday season.

Director Bill Condon talks about Breaking Dawn here at BloodyDisgusting.

There is another review of "The Art of Hammer" here.

Friday, 26 November 2010

Hero, Blood & Bone China web series

Vampire cafe spotted an interview with Vampire Diaries' Candice Accola here.

Dread Central has some more news of extra features on the Eclipse DVD here ahead of the Dec 4th release.

Shocktilyoudrop has some new film news... Korean film "Hero"

VampireFilmNews has another new one to watch for... coming March 2011 is a 12 part web series called Blood & Bone China

VampireFilmNews also spotted this official video for Judas Kiss

Taliesin today looks at Santo & Blue Demon vs Monsters

Thursday, 25 November 2010

Not Like Others, Jesebeth, new Vampire Knight anime series on the way

Vampire Film News spotted this... Not Like Others, another swedish Vampire film, released Oct 25th.

Vampire Film News also spotted this vamp film, Jezebeth

Vampire Cafe looks ahead to the future episodes of Vampire Diaries here, and has the promo for episode 10 below.

There is a look ahead to Vampirella #4 out in Feb 2011 here.

There is news here that Janina Gavankar is joining the cast of True Blood here.

There is a review of American Vampire #6-8 here.

There is news of a new Vampire Knight anime spinoff here... Vampire Knight : Guilty Volume 1, out March 15th 2011.

Taliesin today looks at Barackula : The Musical

Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Vampirella, Anno Dracula

Vampire Cafe has a tribute to Ingrid Pitt here.

BloodyDisgusting has Stephen King raving about Let Me In here... best film of the decade?

There is a look at the new Anno Dracula by Kim Newman here.

The scramble for parts in the new Buffy has started.... here is Kristy Swanson saying she wants the lead role.

The Examiner has some new photos from Vampire Diaries episode 11.

Newsarama has a look at the first issue of the relaunched Vampirella here.

Taliesin today reviews Food for the Dead : On the Trail of New England's Vampires.

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

RIP Ingrid Pitt, a ban for Sookie Stackhouse novels.

Vampire Cafe spotted news that the American remake of Being Human will have a premiere date of Jan 17th 2011.

Vampire Cafe spotted the cover art for the next Sookie Stackhouse book, Dead Reckoning.

Sad news for all vampire fans tonight... Ingrid Pitt has passed away.

BloodyDisgusting has news of the newcomers to True Blood season 4.

Thanks to Gabriel for sending this on... The Sookie Stackhouse novels have been banned from Canadian libraries!

Shocktilyoudrop has Joss Whedon's reaction to the news of the Buffy remake here.

Taliesin today looks at "The Bloodletting : Vampire Scrolls"

Monday, 22 November 2010

Buffy Film Remake, Underworld 4 Title and plot details

Buffy is back... BloodyDisgusting has news that Buffy the Vampire Slayer is getting a remake.

BloodyDisgusting follows that big news with some more... Underworld 4 is to be titled "New Dawn", and they have plot details here.

Dread Central has a peek at some bonus features on the Eclipse Blu-Ray... Bella and wolf.

Shocktilyoudrop has the DVD / Blu-Ray art for the american release of Let Me In.

There is a review of the book "The Art of Hammer", released back at the end of October here.

There is a look ahead to the third and possibly final part of the Pinnocchio : Vampire Slayer graphic novel here.

Taliesin today reviews 2008 film Bloodlock

Sunday, 21 November 2010

Blade goes to jail, lots of Vampire Diaries stuff

Vampire Cafe spotted four new Eclipse DVD promo videos here.

Vampire Cafe also spotted an interview with Paul Wesley of Vampire Diaries.

News of an audiobook doing well and on general release... Carmilla : A Vampyre Tale.

TVFanatic has more on the upcoming Psych vampire episode.

Game news... The Dishwasher : Vampire Smile screenshots are out here.

News of a new children's book here...  Archy The Flying Dolphin & The Vampire's Curse

Well this should put a stake into the heart of any rumours of a Blade return for Wesley Snipes... he is going to jail for 3 years.

Ontheflix has two clips of Vampire Diaries episode 11 here.

There are some Vampire Diaries spoilers here in an interview with producer Julie Plec.

Saturday, 20 November 2010

Devi Snively, Blog of Dark Shadows, and Buy a True Blood set for $35million

A new addition to the blog links over to the right tonight... The Blog of Dark Shadows is a must for fans of the old series and anyone interested in the upcoming remake with Johnny Depp and Tim Burton.

News of a new book here, with a review... "Already Dead" by Charlie Houston

ComicBookResources has a feature on Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter here.

IO9 has news that the sun room of the vampire queen from True Blood is  up for sale... for a bargain $35million!

Taliesin today takes a look at the short vampire films of Devi Snively, who won the best screenplay award at the recent Bram Stoker Film Festival.

Friday, 19 November 2010

Role in Underworld 4 up for grabs, More on Bite Marks

Fearnet has 4 reasons to get excited about the dark shadows remake here.

Dread Central has the official synopsis for Vampire Diaries #11 - By the Light of the Moon.

Shocktilyoudrop has more casting news for Underworld 4, including the chance to play a role in the film for teen(ish) women.

News of a new game for the iPhone here... Helsing's Fire.

News here of another ancient vampire hunting kit going under the auctioneer's hammer in Philadelphia.

The Examiner has an interview with Paul Wesley of Vampire Diaries here.

Entertainment weekly has an early look at new True Blood graphic novel covers here.

Fangoria has the second part of its feature on Bite Marks here.

Taliesin today looks at "My Soul is Slashed" a 1991 film by Shusuke Kaneko.

At Dusk, Jazzy Dracula

I'll start tonight with a request to mention a couple of things... www.fangyourself.com is a facebook app in association with vampire perfume. They also have a twilight competition running here.

Vampire Cafe has news that Psych is going to have a vampire episode.

Dread Central has a look at Micheala Mcmanus' new vampire diaries character, Jules.

Shocktilyoudrop has news that Tom Hardy will not have the lead role in Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter.

A jazz version of Dracula?  The BBC has news of just that here...

Taliesin today looks at Viy

VampireFilmNews spotted this article on upcoming South African vampire film Eternity.

VampireFilmNews also spotted news and the trailer of italian vamp film At Dusk

Al Crepuscolo (2010, Trailer) from Matteo Macaluso on Vimeo.

Wednesday, 17 November 2010

Dylan Dog, Bite Marks

BloodyDisgusting has details of a Dylan Dog teaser here.

Taliesin today reviews Dying Light, a book by D Scott Meek.

There is a review of Vampire Hunter D volume 5 here.

Fangoria has a good look at new film Bite Marks here.

Bela Lugosi Jr has released a brand of Wine.

Tuesday, 16 November 2010

Bits 'n' bobs

BloodyDisgusting does its review of CastleVania : Lords of Shadow here.

Christmas is coming... there are some great vampire themed badges here at CutenCreepy.

This is worth a mention Rue Morgue horror magazine has gone digital.

The NYTimes has news of Dracula returning to Off Broadway here.

TheUnclean.com has a good look at Dracula : The Company of Monsters here.

Taliesin today reviews "One Blood" by E F Watkins

There is an interview with Gary Lucas, the musician who's score is currently backing the Spanish version of Dracula on tour.

Some book release news here...  Dracula in Visual Media John Edgar Browning and Carloline (McFarland Books) 

Monday, 15 November 2010

My Sucky Teen Romance, Dead Frequency, Mcfly does a vampire video...

BloodyDisgusting has news and trailer for "My Sucky Teen Romance", a new vampire film.

Full Synopsis:

"On 17-year-old Kate's last weekend in town, she and her friends plan to spend it together at SpaceCON– the local science fiction convention they attend every year. At the convention Kate meets Paul, a recently turned teen-vampire (who is also dressed as one). But when Kate tries to make a move on him, he accidentally bites her in the neck. Kate and her friends soon discover Paul is not the only vampire at the convention, and it is up to them to stop the vampires and find a way to turn Kate back before it is too late."

MY SUCKY TEEN ROMANCE trailer from Emily Hagins on Vimeo.

Ontheflix.com has the vampire diaries director revealing the plans for the rest of season 2 here.

Music news... thanks to talieson for sending this over... Mcfly have done a vampire video.

More new film news!  Dead Frequency... The film is due out in Feb 2011, and the website is here

Taliesin today looks at "Uncle was a vampire"

Saturday, 13 November 2010

Vampire Diaries stuff, Underworld 4 directors named... Dracula : The Dead Travel Fast

Vampire Cafe spotted a whole lot more Vampire Diaries goodness... a dozen links here, and two episode 10 clips below.

The Bloodlines Vampire Diaries game mentioned yesterday now has a trailer...

DreadCentral has some news of Underworld 4... swedish directors named!

New graphic novel release...  Andy Fish's Dracula : the dead travel fast has gone on sale.

Taliesin today reviews Rosencrantz & Guildenstern are Undead.

iDrakula, Vampire Diaries 10 clip, True Blood 4 casting news

New book news to start tonight... iDrakula by Bekka Black.  IDRAKULA, is a modern re-telling of the classic horror story via electronic media such as text messaging, e-mail, etc..  and has been released as a print book, ebook, and an iPhone app.

Vampire Cafe has come up with a bunch of Vampire Diaries stuff tonight... a scoop on what we can expect here, an extended promo for episode 10 below...

..and a Nina Dobrev interview here.

BloodyDisgusting has some True Blood 4 casting news... Dexter's Courtney Ford landing a recurring role.

Oh lord... i had to read this twice to make sure i hadnt dozed off and was in the middle of a nightmare.
The Cast of Twilight tracks R-Pattz, K-Stew, and T-Laut's rise to superstardom along with an in-depth history of Twilight authoress Stephenie Meyer's ascent to the top of the literary world.

Thats the synopsis for Fame : The Cast of Twilight Comic. Enjoy, dear readers.

Dread Central has news of a new free Vampire Diaries interactive game from the CW channel.

Dread Central has some stills and the promo for Vampire Diaries 10 here.

Taliesin today looks at "Mutant Vampire Zombies from the Hood"

Friday, 12 November 2010

Victorian Undead II : Dracula vs Sherlock Holmes

Vampire Cafe spotted the link to the 2011 People's Awards voting... True Blood, Vampire Diaries and Twilight are up for awards, so get your vote in!

Let Me In has hit the UK now... here are a bunch of reviews from the press.

Comic news... Victorian Undead II : Dracula vs Sherlock Holmes is released Nov 12th.

Slashfilm has a 7 page excerpt of American Vampire here.

Ontheflix has some Vampire Diaries spoilers here.

Music next... new single called Vampire by Mandee Marie.

Taliesin today looks at 1986 Italian film Anemia.

Wednesday, 10 November 2010


Vampire Cafe spotted this new series... Suckers.

Dread Central has a preview clip from Vampire Diaries #9

Filmshaft.com has an interview with Dario Argento on his Dracula 3d project here.

Dario Argento's Dracula - Teaser Video with Interview
Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

Taliesin's comprehensive vampire timeline has been updated... take a look here.

BloodyDisgusting has news that the Hammer classic Vampire Circus will be released on Blu-ray December 14th. Check out the extra's!
• THE BLOODIEST SHOW ON EARTH: MAKING VAMPIRE CIRCUS –- Interviews with Joe Dante, Tim Lucas, Philip Nutman, Ted Newsom, and Darth Vader himself, David Prowse.
• GALLERY OF GROTESQUERIES – A Brief History of Circus Horrors
• VAMPIRE CIRCUS: Interactive Comic Book, with Artwork by Brian Bolland

Thre is an interview with Scott Snyder, creator of American Vampire here. 

Taliesin today looks at Matthew Blackheart Monster Smasher

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Bloodrayne 3 trailer

I'll start with this gem tonight... BBC sketch show The Armstrong & Miller Show had a vampire sketch, well worth sharing!

BloodyDisgusting has the first trailers for Bloodrayne 3.

Dread central has some on set photos from Breaking Dawn here.

Fangoria has an interview with Dacre Stoker here.

Taliesin today looks at "The Hardy boys and Nancy Drew meet Dracula"

Monday, 8 November 2010

Night Song, Dying for Daylight

BloodyDisgusting has some casting and plot news for Season 4 of True Blood here.

Charlaine Harris has put her vampire talents toward a new computer game... "Dying for Daylight" is due Jan 2011.

Spotted by DreadCentral, this looks suspiciously like vampires in the trailer...  Night Song.

A young woman is found in the sanctuary of a church, covered in seemingly self-inflected crucifix shaped gashes. Rushed to the hospital, she is taken to a psychiatric ward, where she spends her time staring out of the window and clutching her handmade cross. A detective whose partner is missing becomes convinced this girl holds information that could lead him to his partner and help solve a series of missing person's reports. With the help of a priest they begin to crack her shell and learn about the evil that is living in the total darkness under the city.

Night Song - Trailer
Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Watch feature films and entire TV shows.

VampireFilmNews has an interview with the director and writer of "The Vampires of Bloody Island", Allin Kempthorne.

MTV has a feature on Bram Stoker here.

ActiveAnime has an advanced preview of Vampire Knight Part 1 here.

Taliesin today reviews Valemont.

Sunday, 7 November 2010

Supernatural, Bite of the Week

There is a look at the recent vampire action in Supernatural here.

So... an empty sunday, time i did a good bite scene to keep you all entertained...  this week i'm going for Fairuza Balk from the ZZTop video Breakaway... now this is how to do a bite scene, directors are you watching?

Eternity, Plasticated Vampire Blobs, Vampire Diaries stuff

Weekends are always quiet, so i'll post this... spotted by Vampire Film news, the Plasticated Vampire blob.

Vampire Film News also spotted the trailer for South African vampire film Eternity.

Vampire Cafe has 13 links around Vampire Diaries #8 here.

There is news here of a new vampiress comic... Lamia.

Taliesin today reviews "Vampire Cop"

Saturday, 6 November 2010

Vampire Diaries #9 clips

Vampire Cafe has the English trailer for German vampire film "We are the night" here.

Vampire Cafe has some more reading on Jonny Depp's Dark Shadows project here.

VC also has a couple of promo clips for Vampire Diaries episode 9.

Dread Central has news of Renfield : The Undead at AFM 2010.

Taliesin today looks at vampire short "Third Shift"

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Dark Shadows shooting in April, Bloodrayne 3 art, Being Human trailers

The BBC website has a nice feature on Hammer and Let Me In here.

BloodyDisgusting has some news... the long awaited Dark Shadows project with Tim Burton and Johnny Depp will finally start shooting in April.

Dread Central has a casting addition to Vampire Diaries... Michaela McManus joining up.

Dread Central spotted the official synopsis for Breaking Dawn here.

DC also spotted the first sight of Bloodrayne 3 artwork here... with news that shooting starts in january.

A while ago we posted (reluctantly) the brand of "Monster High" dolls from Mattel, lowering the age bracket that vampires were targeted at from the twilight tweenies to single digit kiddies...  but they arent done, oh no.  Now there is a book based on that same Monster High brand. The only thing i am looking forward to in this is Taliesin having to review it!

The LA Times has news of a new vampire film / musical starring a backstreet boy and daughter of Frank Zappa... The Bloody Indulgent, a Sexy Vampire Musical.  The website and trailer are here.

Aceshowbiz has some new promo's for the remade Being Human here. First reaction? what have they done to george...?!?

There is a preview of Pinnocchio, Vampire Slayer Volume 2 here.

Taliesin today looks at the excellent short film "Charmante Mira"

Wednesday, 3 November 2010

Financial advice for vampires, Dracula on CBS

Mn... the news has dried up a little this week, sorry folks... here are a few snippetts though.

MTV has an interview with True Blood star Ryan Kwanten here.

There is a nice little piece here... Personal finance advice for wealthy vampires.

CBS news has done a "60 Minutes" feature on Dracula here.

Taliesin today looks at "La Manoir Du Diable"

Tuesday, 2 November 2010

Jane and the Damned, Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter casting

BloodyDisgusting has some casting news for Abraham Lincoln : Vampire Hunter... Tom Hardy has been offered the role of "Henry Sturgess".

Dread Central has a big bunch of stills from Vampire Diaries episode 9 - Katerina.

News of another Jane Austen andvampires book, this one being released in australia... Jane and the Damned

Taliesin today looks at "Vegas Vampires", a 2003 film by Fred Williamson.

Let Me In deleted scene, vampire diaries roundup

Vampire Cafe has a whole bunch of links around episode 7 of Vampire Diaries here.

BloodyDisgusting has a deleted scene from Let Me In here.

A little news spotted by Vampire Film News... Daughters of Darkness will be out on Blu-ray Feb 22nd 2011

Taliesin today looks at 2002 film "Lord of the Vampires"

Monday, 1 November 2010

Dracula : Reborn

Happy Halloween folks...

Dread Central has news of the first in a new horror series... Dracula : Reborn.

Dracula Reborn - Trailer
Uploaded by dreadcentral. - Check out other Film & TV videos.

Shockya.com has an interview with Kristen Stewart talking about being a vampire in Breaking Dawn.