Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Vampire Diaries spinoff series, Being Human remake details & promo, Shadowland released

Vampire Cafe spotted this news... Kevin Williamson, co-creator of Vampire Diaries is working on a companion series.

BloodyDisgusting has a promo for SyFy's Being Human remake. DreadCentral has cast photo's and character descriptions here.

DreadCentral celebrates host Vampira's birthday here.

Shocktilyoudrop has an interview with The Art of Hammer's Marcus Hearn here.

There is an interview with Guillermo Del Toro here on his new book The Strain.

Taliesin today takes a look at 2002 film "Kiss me if you Dare" by Brad Sykes

Shadowland is released tdaoy... Vampire Film News has a review here.


  1. Hey Everlost

    Gabriel Here. Thanks for sharing the Vampira picture, it's sublime.

    I got THE ART OF HAMMER (along with THE HAMMER VAMPIRE by Bruce G Hallenbeck) for my birthday last week, and it's magnifique.

    Didn't care much for the non-horror poster art, but the Dracula/Vampires ones were great, and I found some ones I hadn't seen before like German prints of Scars of Dracula that I immediately hunted down with a Google image search.

    The Kevin Williamson series that is a companion piece is apparently a mix between Buffy and X-Files. Sounds like Scooby Doo to me!

  2. Hi gabriel... yes, it does sound a bit like scooby doo, sounds to me like it might be something with a couple of vamp episodes to it.

    A site you might want to check out is melissa's art site here


    has all the anne rice vampire chronicles artwork.


  3. Thanks for that - I think you'd mentioned that site before when it first started and I scoped it out.

    Ah! The Vampire Chronicles. I'm sorry but no one will ever beat the master at her work, I've never come across a more rich tale of Vampire characters than Anne Rice's.

    I guess I spoiled it for myself considering it's one of the first vampire stories I read, save for A TASTE OF BLOOD WINE, by Freda Warrington, and the early Ravenloft books....