Thursday, 25 November 2010

Not Like Others, Jesebeth, new Vampire Knight anime series on the way

Vampire Film News spotted this... Not Like Others, another swedish Vampire film, released Oct 25th.

Vampire Film News also spotted this vamp film, Jezebeth

Vampire Cafe looks ahead to the future episodes of Vampire Diaries here, and has the promo for episode 10 below.

There is a look ahead to Vampirella #4 out in Feb 2011 here.

There is news here that Janina Gavankar is joining the cast of True Blood here.

There is a review of American Vampire #6-8 here.

There is news of a new Vampire Knight anime spinoff here... Vampire Knight : Guilty Volume 1, out March 15th 2011.

Taliesin today looks at Barackula : The Musical

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