Friday, 18 April 2014

Chastity, Yakuza Apocalypse

The New Statesman bemoans the lack of decent vampire games here, after World of Darkness got canned.

Dance in the Vampire Bund 2 manga is on the way... cover art is revealed here.

Dynamite comics has revealed that Chastity is getting another series... details here.

NEW FILM NEWS - Yakuza Apocalypse is going to have vampires in it.

The fantasy action film stars ICHIHARA Hayato 市原隼人 (who previously starred in Miike's God's Puzzle 神様のパズル (2008)) as an immortal vampire who joins the yakuza, becoming the most powerful fighter in the criminal underworld

Summer of Blood is getting a lot of very good reviews... BD has its review here.

There is a Dusk Til dawn 1:07 preview here.

There is a preview and stills of Vampire Diaries 5:19 here.

Thursday, 17 April 2014

Voracious, Daughter of Darkness, Vampire's Flower

Not new, but I've only just spotted it. There is a web series here called Voracious that is still churning out episodes.

There is news here that "Daughter of Darkness" by V C Andrews is getting a TV series.

There is news here of a new Korean web drama called Vampire's Flower

Castlevania : Dracula X is getting a release for the Wii U

DC Comics has released Vampire Diaries Chapter 21 - there is a preview here.

Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Vampire Skateboarders, The Strain, Julia

Funny or Die has done a new clip for Real Estate's Crime series.  Video is here! It's got vampire skateboarders...

New book details here, "To Touch the Sun" is by Laura Enright

Guillermo Del Toro's The Strain is getting a TV series (on FX, June 22nd ). Dread Central has a teaser clip here.

The Strain - Pupil Teaser by dreadcentral

There are some pics and a promo video for Originals 1:19 here.

Supernatural 9:19 is going to be packed with vamps again, Dread Central has a look here.

This looks like it might have some Elizabeth Bathory tendencies... (possibly worth a vamp or not on Taliesin's vampire review?)  Julia has a woman who bathes in blood as a form of therapy.

There is a preview for Dusk Til Dawn 1:06 here. There's a glimpse of Santanico Pandemonium too, if she is half as memorable as Salma Hayek in the film... wow!

Tuesday, 15 April 2014

World of Darkness cancelled, American Vampire : Second Cycle

For you collectors out there...  the 1979 Nosferatu the Vampyre is getting a blu-ray release.

This has been coming, but damn, its still crap news!  World of Darkness, that has been potentially on the way for years has been cancelled by the software developers. Gah!

A little game news... Mystic Fighter has got a vampire in it. kind of.

And if you though that was bad... try this one.  Vampire Nose Doctor

There's a vampire manga project on Kickstarter here - Vampire Razer

BD has an exclusive look at American Vampire : Second Cycle here.

Dread Central has another Originals (1:18) clip here and two Vampire Diaries (5:18) clips here.