Thursday, 30 July 2015

New Dusk Til Dawn characters, Nosferatu - Run from the Sun game

There are some new "Garbage Pail kids" out... one of them is a little Dracula

Another new game out for the mobiles... Nosferatu - Run from the Sun

BD has a look at the new faces in the upcoming Dusk Til Dawn series.

Wednesday, 29 July 2015

Nosferatu remake, Vampire Law

There is some more casting news for the upcoming Vampire Hunter D redub.

There is an interview with the author of Kros : Hallowed Ground graphic novel here.

Here's something big... a remake of Nosferatu on the way!

Not entirely sure what this is about, but a nice new site called Vampire Law has appeared.

Monday, 27 July 2015

Operation Dracula, Van Helsing vs Dracula

Ok, lots to catch up on (hopefully) after a weekend off...

First up, a new game for the mobiles... Operation Dracula is out July 30th.

There is a nice interview with the co-director of What We Do In The Shadows here.

One for vampire fans around Toronto... Der Vampyr is on stage July 31st at the University of Toronto

News of a new miniseries on the way... Van Helsing vs Dracula

Thursday, 23 July 2015

Count Chocula, The Master toy

K.C.Pike has a new book out... Nikki : Athenian Hybrid Series

POP! Vinyl toys now has a "Master" from The Strain available.

Never thought I'd be writing this, but Count Chocula has been given a makeover by artist Mike Burns, along with other Cereal box monsters.

Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Fresh Blood, Dusk til Dawn 2 posters, Hotel Transylvania 2 family & release date, The Unwanted review

The LA Times has the brand new posters for season 2 of Dusk Til Dawn here

Hotel Transylvania 2 has released a family portrait here.  The film is out September 25th.

Here's some big news... Fright Night director Tom Holland is working on a new vampire film called Fresh Blood.

Fresh Blood tells the story of a group of teenage vampires who kidnap a bus driver and his daughter to attend a concert.  Extinction writer Juan de Dios Garduño is working with both Holland and Fernando Martin Samper on the screenplay with the aim of creating something in the spirit of eighties-style Lost Boys and Fright Night.

This new OLD film might have slipped under the radar... The Unwanted has a review on BD here. Thanks to Taliesin for pointing out its over a year old!