Sunday, 8 January 2017

The Passage TV series, Fanged Up, Nosferatu remake, Supercops vs Supervillains

New TV series on the way called The Passage... major studio involved and Fox have ordered a pilot.

A couple of films from just before xmas i've made note of for this blog...

Fanged up, a film about vampires in prison. The trailer is here.

There is a Nosferatu remake on the way.

New vampire film review site has appeared on facebook, check out Prittyvamp & The Beast

There is an Indian TV series called Supercops vs Supervillains running that features a vampire in a lead role.

A new game is out... Vampire Massacre

A few articles from the interweb today...

The best Vampires vs Werewolves rivalries.
Sarah Michelle Gellar talks about Buffy 20 years on.
There is a review of Dracula's (Bran) Castle here.


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