Tuesday, 30 June 2009

Tuesday Vamps

Looks like being another slow day on the news front.

The examiner.com has a piece on vampires in television.

The LA Times has a piece on the remake of "let the right one in", directed by Matt Reeves of Cloverfield fame. Gabrielle Faust also gives us her thoughts on the remake here.

Tvovermind.com has a review of the pilot for "The vampire Diaries" here.

The examiner.com also has an article on "The Strain" by Guillermo del Toro.

Another review of "blood : The last Vampire" here.

BloodyDisgusting.com has news that Twilight III will start shooting on August 17th.

Monday, 29 June 2009

Meagre Pickings...

Book stuff first... "Mr Darcy, Vampyre" has gone on sale today.

Gabrielle Faust's site has found this nice piece - Jill Tracy's version of Nosferatu

Big news of the day... not hard, when i am struggling to put anything here tonight... is from Shocktilyoudrop, who have news that "Fright Night" is getting a 3-d makeover.

Taliesin's review of the day is "The Forsaken : Desert Vampires"

Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bite Club

*yawn* Early sunday morning... lets start it with some good news for a change, shall we?

"Bite Club" - news of a vampire spoof in the works from a major australian studio, and with award winning director Chris Nyst at the helm, it might be a good one. Read the full story here.

Dallas News runs a piece on Guillermo del Toro here today.

The Examiner has a feature on YA vampire series "The Last vampire" by Christopher Pike.

Boston.com's book section carries a review of "once dead, twice shy" by Kim Harrison today.

We have the first review I have seen anywhere for "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein girl" here. If the film matches the review, it is going to be a classic!

More vampire manga here, from the Malaysian star, which carries a review of "Red Angel vol. 2"

Patricia's vampire notes has a book review of "A flash of hex" by Jes Battis.

Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lost Boys DVD collectors set & more

News that there is a Lost Boys collectors set on the way, Sept 15th from horror-movies.ca - if i remember rightly, there is a lost boys 3 in the pipeline for sometime in the distant future...

Lots of reaction out there to the Daybreakers trailer being released, so i wont post repeats... i got news of seven sites running with the trailer today.

Buffy is still going strong in comic book form... Dark Horse has a preview of the next release here.

The Examiner has an interview with Anne Rice today... read it here.

True Blood stuff... Vampire Cafe has two inteviews; Alan Ball & Rutina Wesley.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this... raised a smile!

Fangtastic Books has done a review of "Blood Books Vol 1" by Tanya Huff.

Lovevampires.com has done a review of "moonshine" by Rob Thurman

Friday, 26 June 2009

Daybreakers trailer sees the light of day...

Ropes of Silicon has the brand new trailer for Daybreakers - release date for this is September 11.

And more film news! Tex : Vampire Hunter promises a western, guns, vampires and corsets. Lots of stills here.

Good news for those of us in the UK - True Blood finally made it over here, and will be shown at 10pm on Fridays, starting July 17th on FX.

Cover art for the upcoming book "Mr Darcy, Vampyre" is here.

MTV has an interview with Brandon Routh, star of upcoming vamp film "Dead of Night" - based on the comic Dylan Dog, we have news that the original rated R comic is going to be toned down to a PG-13 to bring the kiddies in... why? apart from chasing the almighty $$ of course...

Taliesin has had his first look at "Blood : The last vampire" - read his thoughts here.

More to come later...

Thursday, 25 June 2009

Twilight rhubarb!

ok, its been a slow news day, but still... to have this taking up most of the vampire news out there...bah! My least favourite subject, Twilight spin off marketing at its worst! Thats right, get your essential Twilight lipstick...

The Insider.com has found three new banner ads for "The Vampire Diaries". They have also found a new clip for "blood : The last vampire" here.

Want to see Dracula on stage? news that Synetic Theatre has announced a new season of Dracula is here, in Virginia, USA

Following on from yesterdays article, the examiner.com has the follow up "The lure of the dead boyfriend - part 2"

Sevenglobal.com has an article on Hammer Horror and their two new films, "The Wake Wood" and "The resident" - not vampire films, although Sir Christopher Lee is to appear.

Fangoria does a review of "Chosen Survivors" today... vamps of the bat variety.

Taliesin's review of the day is "Vampire Assassin"

Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Happy Birthday Joss Weldon

AfterEllen.com has a long (3 page) piece on lesbian vampires, including the upcoming Carmilla remake, and True Blood.

Entertainment Weekly says Happy birthday to Joss Weldon (creator of Buffy) here.

IrishCentral.com has a piece today on vampires... Twilight and True Blood the main topic.

Got an iPhone? news that Vampire Origins is soon going to be available on the iPhone is here.

Gabrielle Faust's site has found this article on tv's top 10 vamps, two Blood : the last vampire clips, and some True Blood marketing stuff.

The October Bram Stoker Film Festival has published its film programme here... festival runs from 16th-20th october in Whitby, England.

Dread Central has an interview with Evan Rachel Wood and her role in true blood here.

Vampire Cafe has a review of "let the right one in" here.

Ticon4 has a review of Katie MacAlisters "Sex, Lies and Vampires" here

Taliesin's review of the day is "Dunraven Road", a book by Caroline Barnard-Smith

Tuesday, 23 June 2009

Tuesday's vamps...

IO9 has an article blaming Buffy for the slow decay of our fearsome vampires into sparklie teenage perfect-date material.

Salon.com also has a good article on Buffy, and other vampire slaying heroines here.

Globenewswire has news of a new book - "Before" by Roger Lhooms.

Vampire-Con 2009 is coming to Hollywood, August 14-16. Zombo's closet of horror has a preview of whats in store...

Reelzchannel has a piece on upcoming Twilight films, and the creative tweaking that is going to have to be done to keep the movies popular.

Two Vampire releases today from the calendar... "Sucker for Love", a book by Kimberly Raye, and the original "Monster Squad" series is out on DVD.

Taliesin's review of the day is "The Legend of Blood Castle", and "Vampire in Vegas" was yesterday's review.

Monday, 22 June 2009

... and Vampire News is back

After a week's break, about time i got back to something useful!

The Examiner has a piece on the "Anita Blake : Vampire Hunter" being turned into a film, for summer 2010.

The poll result is in from Suburban vampire, on the best vampire film of the 1990's. Interview with the vampire (44%) beat Bram Stokers Dracula (23%) ...the rest nowhere!

USA Today has an interview with True Blood's Stephen Moyer here. Vampire Cafe has an interview with Eric here, and has found a nice thing from Denofgeek.com, their top 10 vampire deaths in video.

You may well have heard of "Let the right one in", a brilliant swedish vampire film... well, its alreay getting a remake. Vampire Cafe has an interview with the director here - Matt Reeves, of Cloverfield fame.

Dread Central has 2 clips from "Blood : The Last Vampire" here

Bloody Disgusting.com has found artwork for upcoming vampire flick "Daybreakers" here

The Examiner also has a nice piece on the greatest vampire films made, here

Book reviews - there is an interview with Amanda Grange, author of "Mr Darcy, Vampyre" here.

Chick Loves Lit blog has a review of "Dead Until Dark" by Charlain Harris here.

Author Syrie James has a new book in the pipeline... details below, excerpt of interview is from Marilyn brant's blog.
What’s next for you? Is there a new book in the pipeline? I’m hard at work on my next book, entitled Dracula, My Love. It's a retelling of Bram Stoker's famous novel from the POV of the heroine, Mina Harker: the untold story of her secret, scandalous passion for the man who is not her husband—the young, gorgeous, charismatic, intelligent, fascinating, and highly sympathetic Count Dracula, who she deeply loves, despite herself. This is a Dracula unlike the one we have formerly seen in film and print; a vampire with a heart and soul, who struggles against the evil within him, and whose past actions have been entirely misunderstood. The novel will be published by Morrow in hardcover in 2010. I’m having such a fabulous time writing this book. If you liked Jane Austen's Mr. Ashford, I promise this is a Dracula you will love!

Tuesday, 16 June 2009

Last update for a few days...

Apologies to regular readers, but life calls... namely my nephew's 1st birthday all the way down on the south coast, and we are heading down there for my partner's family visiting duties for a few days...back monday!

Right, into the news.

Film news! Dread Central has an excellent detailed piece on "Orgy of blood", due out later this year.

Tons of True blood stuff out there, as you would expect. Vampire Cafe has an interview with Lafayette here (be careful, SPOILERS!) The Cafe has also found interviews with Bill and Eric.

The Examiner has a nice piece on "The vampires influence on teenage self identification"

Bloody Disgusting.com has a new clip from "Blood : The last vampire" here.

Bullz-eye.com has done a piece on funny vampire movies here.

Vampire Cafe has news of a new book... "Angel of Death : book one of the chosen" by Karen Dales.

Fangtastic books has an interview with Susan Blexrud, author of "Vampire Anatomy 101"

Maryse's blog has a review of "Vampire, Interrupted" by Lynsay Sands.

"Mr Darcy, Vampyre" by Amanda Grange will be available on August 11th... preview here.

Monday, 15 June 2009

Bram Stoker Awards coming to the UK - March 2010

So... True blood was here last night. Entertainment Weekly has their review of the first episode here. Gabrielle Faust has her review here, along with news that the next Bram Stoker Awards Ceremony will be held in Brighton, UK on March 27th 2010. The Vampire Cafe has a long list of articles on the first episode here. Fearnet also has a good long article here.

News that Ingrid Pitt is going to be visiting the Bram Stoker International Film Festival in Whitby in October.

The california chronicle has an interview with Guillermo del Toro here.

The Cuban Nerd has a nice piece here... "Why vampire boyfriends and not vampire girlfriends?"

The New Straights Times has a review of "Blood : The alst Vampire" here.

The book muncher has a review of "Marked" by PC & Kristen Cast here.

Maryse's blog has a review of "Vampires are Forever" by Lynsay Sands here.

Taliesin's review of the day is "Shaolin vs Vampire"

Since its been a fairly slow news day... i found this after many moons looking for it, an excellent vampire video by ZZtop.

Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday is True Blood day

Here it is then, June 14th and it is True Blood day... unless you live in the UK, if we are lucky we might get to see series one this year... officially, anyway *cough*

Straight into it... Thestate.com runs a piece called "True Blood vamps are symbols of real-world discrimination - plus they are hot". Theboston herald has an interview with the producer, Alan Ball

News of the next "Dracula's Ball" in Philadelphia on September 5th here.

Anyone that reads this blog knows i am not a twilight fan... rating it somewhere between the worst film ever made and the second worst. Vampire Cafe has a copy of a review here... has a little bad language, but wow... make sure you read it!

And is if Twilight hasnt had enough of a battering after that, there is a video of Cam Gigandet's encounter with a bunch of Twi-harders here from the FunnyorDie website.

Fearnet has spotted an interview with David Slade, director for the third in the twilight series, Eclipse.

The Cafe also has a clip from "Blood : The last vampire" here - a battle scene.

Book review section now, big one today as well... we have a review of "Marked" by PC & Kristen Cast here. There is a review of another in this series "betrayed" here.

"Mr Darcy, Vampyre" is now available for pre-order here.

The Examiner does a review of "The Daystar", part of the Templar Vampire series by Rene Lyons here. They also run a detailed piece on Bram Stoker's Dracula here.

TheStar.com has an article on "The Strain" here.

Patricia's Vampire Notes has a review of "A Dangerous Climate" by Chelsea QuinnYarbro

The Alainereading blog has a review of the "Vampire Acadamy" series by Richelle Mead.

News of a new YA vampire book on the way in September... "Fang Face" by Norm Cowie.

Saturday, 13 June 2009

Sleepy Saturday

Looks like being a quiet saturday...

First a reminder that the Bram Stoker awards can be seen live at http://www.stokers2009.org/ at 8:30 PST

The mighty Christopher Lee has been knighted by the Queen... read the Vampire Cafe article here.

I thought i would embed a video now, a nice True blood vid from Bloodcopy.com

Vampire Cafe has confirmation that Joss Weldon will NOT be involved in the Buffy film remake here.

Lots of True Blood articles, as you would expect again... The new York post has an interview with Evan Rachel Wood here. The Biting-edge blog runs a piece on TB II here, and there is the surprising front cover of the LA Times here... just one big advert for the new series, and their preview of the new series is here.

The globeandmail.com site runs an article on "the Strain" by Guillermo del toro here.

Amberkatze book blog has done a review of Carpe Corpus by Rachel Caine.

The NY Times runs an article on vampires dominating the book best sellers list here.

Friday, 12 June 2009

More teen vamps on the way...Soulstice gets the go ahead.

Big news of the day is that another teen / young adult vampire story is making its way to the big screen. "Soulstice" is pitched for a late 2010 release, and the official website is here. Vampire Cafe found this beauty.

Dread Central has more stills from "Blood : The last vampire" here.

Less than 3 days to go for True Blood fans. Vampire cafe has found a piece on vampire rights here. NYDailynews has a general piece on True Blood here. A couple of sites run with Evan Rachel Wood and her role in the upcoming series... go here and here for more on her. SFGate.com also runs a general piece on the series.

The Examiner is running two nice articles today - one a commentary on vampires and society, the other a follow up to an earlier piece on ethnic vampires.

Bloody Disgusting.com has a video from behind the scenes of "New Moon"

Dread Central has news of Tony Scott, producer of stylish vampire film "The Hunger" thinking about doing a sequel.

Book stuff now... Literaryescapism.com has a review of "Some girls bite" by chloe neill.

Thursday, 11 June 2009

Megan Fox the new Buffy?

People may have read that there is a Buffy remake on the way (the film, not the series)... minus the popular cast members. Rumour has it that Megan Fox is being lined up for the lead role, read about it here.

3 days to go until true Blood Season II arrives... can we say "media frenzy"? General articles on True Blood are everywhere... USA Today, AccessHollywood.com, An Eric interview here and a Bill Compton interview here on the view. MSNBC compares Twilight's Bella and True Blood's Sookie here (is there a comparison to be made? chalk and cheese surely...). Canada.com has its take on the new series here, and the Examiner runs a piece on the vampire club Fangtasia here.

Twilight stuff... The Vampire Cafe spotted this interview with Chris Weitz, and has an interview with Kristen Stewart here.

Moviehole has some chat from the Directo of Dracula 2000 on the possibility of another in that series being made.

News of an auction here for some vintage vampire stuff... Dracula's cape among other things.

The Futon Critic has had a first look at Vampire Diaries, see his thoughts here.

Kungfucinema.com has a piece on the remake of "The legend of the 7 golden vampires" we mentioned here a couple of days ago.

Book Stuff...USA Today has done a review of the altest in the Anita Blake series, "Skin Trade" here.

Bookwormygirl does a review of "Marked" by PC and Kristen Cast.

The MooreReppion site has a feature on the new SFX vampire special magazine here.

Taliesin's review of the day is "Werewolf vs the Vampire Women"

Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Vampire Diaries Online... forum opens.

Looks like all the big news was yesterday... meagre pickings today, but here they are.

Bloomberg has done a nice long piece on Guillermo del Toro here.

The Examiner has loads of vampire stories today. First one is a piece on "The Vampire Diaries", then they look back at the old "Nosferatu the Vampire" and then they have a long piece on coloured vampires, or the lack of here.

True Blood stuff next..4 days to go until Series II...Chron.com has a piece on True Blood here, and the examier.com (again) has a piece on Evan Rachel Wood, vampire queen in the next series here. Vampire Cafe has spotted some behind the scenes images here.

I'm not entirely sure that this is something new... but the Examiner also has an article on a new Dracula adaptation here. There are always dracula adaptations in the works, so apologies if this is old news.

Jaunted.com has news of the Twilight Vampire Cruise to Alaska in 2010.

Vampire Diaries Online news... the website has been open for a while, but the Forum just opened yesterday, if you are a fan, get over there and sign up.

Tuesday, 9 June 2009

True Blood is coming...and 7 golden vampires is coming back!

5 days to go, and the marketing viral videos are coming thick and fast now. Vampire Cafe has found six here.

Big news of the day is this, spotted by Bloody Disgusting - Spitfire productions is launching into a remake of Hammer classic "The Legend of the 7 Golden Vampires"

More big news here, from Fangoria - A vampire convention in Hollywood, CA August 14-16.

IO9 has more on the vamp being written out of Spiderman4

The Vampire Cafe also has some Twilight actor stuff today...an interview with actor Edi Gathegi, and a piece on Taylor Lautner

Justpressplay.net has a new trailer for "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl" here - NOT for the squeamish! There are some seriously dubious plot lines in this one, like a wrist cutting competition...

Lots of sites running today with Cam Gigandet getting another vamp role in "Priest", an upcoming vampire-western... nothing new on yesterdays article though.

More on 9 yr old Emma Kenney now, who's vampire film Francesca made it into an international Film Festival (not Cannes like i said yesterday, my bad)... Thanks to Gabrielle at Eternal Vigilance for spotting this interview.

Book stuff now... Sidhe Vicious reviews has an interview with Chloe Neill, author of "Some Girls Bite"

Taliesin's review of the day is 1980 vamp film Arrebato.

Monday, 8 June 2009

No vamps in spiderman 4

Right...apologies this is late, any day that involves wearing (for the first and last time hopefully) a pink waistcoat is clearly not a day that has gone to plan.

On with the news...Looks like there has been a change of heart on having the vampire Morbius as the bad guy in Spiderman 4... Vampire Cafe has spotted this, from the director.

The Vampire Cafe has also found a new poster for "Blood : The Last vampire" here.

Not content with that, check out the cafe main page for lots of true blood stuff, including a new viral video, a new clip from the upcoming series and some more episode spoilers, if you want to read them.

Horror-Movies.ca has news of a new vampire film release here...one i had not heard of being on the way, so i am guessing it will be a stright to dvd release. Details of "The Kiss" are here.

A little news of the vampire film entered into Cannes and directed by 9 yr old Emma Kenny here... the vampires could only be chased away by garlic potato chips if i remember the story right from a few weeks back... i have seen worse, i am sure!

The NYmag also has a nice piece with Stephan Moyer talking about some of the steamier scenes in True Blood season II here.

Twilight bits n pieces...the Canada Metro has some behind the scenes news from New Moon here.

News of "Priest" now... Twilight star Cam Gigandet has been lined up for a part in the upcoming vampire western flick. Spotted this on Gabrielle Fausts Eternal Vigilance site.

Vampire Girl vs Frankesntein Girl next... this one is not going to be for the squeamish. Nipponcinema.com has the first poster release here.

Amberkatze book blog has an interview with Nancy haddock, author of "Last Vampire Standing"

More book news... "Mister Darcy, Vampyre" by Amanda Grange here

Taliesin has had his nose buried in Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain" since its release a few days ago... read his in depth review here.

Darque reviews has an interview with Rachel Caine here, author of "Carpe Corpus"

Sunday, 7 June 2009

Sunday's Vampires (morning stuff)

ok... forgive me if this is less organised than usual, my head is all over the place after watching "sex and the city" with my other half last night...for a metalhead vampire lover, this is not a film i would recommend, unless you want to finish the night hiding your eyes from the screen and actually saying "arghh" out loud at some of it.

right...so struggling onwards...

Amberkatze book blog has done a review of "Undead and Unwelcome" by Mary Janice Davidson here.

Lots of "The Strain" reviews and news now, as people manage to finish the book and post their views. The Philly Enquirer has a nice long interview with del Toro on the background to the book here. Deseret news has a piece on the book here. TampaBay.com has a review of the book here.

DVDTown has a review of the "Underworld : Rise of the Lycans" Blu-ray release here.

The Atlanta Vampire Alliance site has done a review of Joseph Laycock's recent work, "Vampires Today : The truth about modern vampirism" here.

True Blood stuff now...I expect everything vampire related in the news to point to true blood over the next few days as season II approaches. The True Blood Guide site has what looks to be a new video, from the American Vampire League here. TrueBloodnet.com has a long list of marketing stuff here, t shirts, pint glasses etc

Saturday, 6 June 2009

Saturday Goodies...

Right, on we go...

True Blood stuff first. MercuryNews is running a piece on "Dead and Gone" the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse vampire novels by Charlaine Harris getting to #1 in its first week on the NYTimes bestseller list. The LATimes has a nice long piece on Series I & II here. Fearzone has done a nice long piece on True Blood here.

Twilight section now... MTV has a piece on Michael Sheen talking about his role in New Moon here. Vampire Cafe has found this, Peter Facinelli talking about New Moon here.

Craveonline has more on the news that "Castlevania : Lords of shadow" is coming in 2010.

More news spotted on Fearzone... The Bram Stoker awards are going to be streamed live on the internet, 8:30pm pacific time here.

Giles (Patrick Head) puts his weighty boot into the idea of a Buffy remake / sequel here... he wouldnt watch it!

Poll news for those that like them - The suburban vampire is running a poll on the best 90's vamp film, get over there and vote! Also spotted this, a poll on favourite true Blood characters.

Book reviews & news now. Darque Reviews has done a review of "Dying Bites" by D D Barant out on June 30th, and a review of "Skinwalker" by Faith Hunter, out July 7th. Fang-tastic books has done a review of "Some Girls Bite" by Chloe Neill here, and Lovevampires.com has done a review of the same book here. MCHerald.com has an early review of Guillermo Del toro's "The Strain" here.

Taliesin's review of the day is "House of Frankenstein" from 1997 (yes it has vampires!)

Blog news... added Fear Zone to the links over there >>>
Well worth a look, as it had 3 vamp stories on there today!

Friday, 5 June 2009

Early Friday stuff

We are heading out this afternoon to friends for what will hopefully be a stupendous chinese takeaway, so i'll have to do the blog early... will do a bigger update tomorrow.

So... on with the news. Guillermo Del Toro first, the BBC has an interview with "The Strain" co author and director of many a film here.

The Sanguinarius Journal is carrying a press release for Joseph Laycock's new work "Vampires Today : The Truth about Modern Vampirism"

News of a vampire game being released for the IPhone here. Vampires : Bloodlust has been a huge hit across facebook and myspace.

True blood now... news that Charlaine Harris is going to be making a guest appearance in the Season II finale here on the NYdaily site.

TheFlickcast.com has as review of the recent release of a new Buffy comic here.

Thursday, 4 June 2009

Sad news

Its a fairly quiet day on the news front, but this isnt what i wanted to see at the end of it. News that David Carradine has been found dead, the star of several vampire films, probably the best known of which was "Sundown", BBC has a piece here, but dozens of sites are running with the breaking story now.

Twilight stuff now... The HDroom has a piece on Dakota Fanning and her role as one of the Volturi in New Moon here. MTV once again has some more Twilight stuff...this time one of the Vampire Diaries stars saying how great Twilight is. Screenrant.com has an interview with Michael Sheen, sho stars as Aro in New Moon here. Thedeadbolt.com has a long piece on Twilight and its fans here.

Thirst news now...the gore spattered vampire film will be on show in the US on the 31st July. Article is here, spotted by Vampire Cafe.

Vampire Diaries next...The CW source has an interview with Paul Wesley, one of the two vampire leads in the upcoming series here.

True Blood next... The Ohnotheydidnt blog has an interview with Ryan Kwanten (Jason Stackhouse) here. Shewired.com has a piece on Evan Rachel Wood, vampire queen in the next tru blood series here. AOL television has an interview with producer/writer Alan Ball on the upcoming Season II here. Vampire Cafe has spotted a preview of Episode one of true blood here...spoliers obviously!

Dread Central has an interview with Chuck Hogan, co author of The Strain.

Toonzone has this strange beastie..." Karin The Series" a tale of an un-vampire - she bites and injects blood to make people feel better. See, i knew Twilight would bring about something like this...lol

The American Chronicle has an interview with Norm Applegate, author of the "Blood Bar" vampire book. Fangtastic books also has an interview with the author here.

Blogcritics has a review of the "Blood Ties Season One" DVD set here. This was released at the start of June.

Newsarama has news of a new Castlevania game on the way here...set for 2010, featuring patrick stewart, i have read. E3 has some more detail.

Taliesin's review of the day is "Twelve" by Jasper Kent.

Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Slow the Decay first look, and a 5 minute chunk of the diaries...

Vampire Cafe is packed with vampire goodies this morning...first off, it has first pics of the Canadian vamp film "Slow The Decay" here.

More from the cafe...they have spotted a piece on film.com about why a Buffy remake (without any of the popular cast) would be a bad idea.

And finally... there is a summary of the Vampire Cafe's last month of vampire goodies here - several bits i have missed, so well worth skimming through.

Comicbookresources.com has a piece on Marvel's "Captain Britain vs Dracula" here. This series got canned at #15. The piece has a nice pic of Dracula stood atop a pile of superhero victims.

One vampire release (that i know of) today, a new Buffy comic titled "Tale of the vampires".

Micheal Avantrell's blog has an interview with multiple Bram-Stoker award winning author Jonathan Maberry here.

Time has an interview with Guillermo Del Toro here. His latest project, "The Strain" was released yesterday.

The Examiner has a review of Charlaine Harris' latest book "Dead and Gone", the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse series that became True blood on the telly.

Lots of Twilight gunk now. The Vampire Cafe has a piece on Twilight turning golden, ditching the...um, twilight camera pallette for a nice, warm golden glow...aww.The Examiner also has news of a charity vampire-baseball game being played by the Twilight gang here. Event takes place July 4th at PGE Park, Portland, USA. More Twilight stuff from MTV, with a piece on the Twilight Fan Cruise to Alaska in August 2010. A little bit of enws on "Eclipse", the third film in the series... MTV has news that casting for the film has begun.

The Examiner also has a piece on "Thirst" and the odds of the Korean film actually making it into cinema's in the USA here.

Straightstimes.com has a small piece on the stunts in "Blood : The last vampire" here.

Scifiguy has found this... cover art for "Vampire Sunrise", a book by Carole Nelson Douglas, due Nov 24th.

More from The Vampire Cafe now...and its worth putting in bold. A newly released 5 minute footage clip from Vampire Diaries.

One more from the Cafe today, its another interview with Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) on Season II.

The dot-scribbles blog has an interesting review...a book by Tom Holland called "The Vampyre : The secret history of Lord Byron"

Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday's Vamps

Just in case there is no update tomorrow and onwards, i am getting my excuse in early - changing Internet Service Provider tomorrow, and i am a little cynical of the blurb that says "no downtime" having worked in IT. Add to that my other phone line has had no dialtone for 2 days and has an engineer visiting tomorrow morning...could be a fun day.

Right, enough of me waffling, on with the vamps!

Its a big day of vampire releases. Blood Ties Season 1 gets released in the USA (hate to break it to you guys, its been available in the UK for ages! its been sat on the top of my desk for at least 3 months...). The highly anticipated book "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro is out today. USA Today is running an article on this here, and SFGate has their take on it here. Add to those, there are 4 book releases i know of today. "Carpe Corpus" by Rachel Caine, "Skin Trade" by Laura K Hamilton, "Bloody Good" by Georgia Evans, and "Undead & Unwelcome" by Mary Janice Davidson.

Vampire Cafe has found two nice pieces on True Blood. One is an interview with Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), and the other some news on Season II plotline. (Might be spoiler, careful!) More True Blood stuff here, at ChicagoHollywood.com, who have done a review of the Blu-Ray release of the first season here.

MTV isnt ready to let Twilight go just yet, after giving it the lions share of the awards. They have a story today on the "Best Fight" award winner. More Twilight bandwagon stuff here... Forks is planning on being swamped by Twi-hard tourists, according to this. I like this article...apologies to twilight fans. The Guardian in the UK has a piece on "New Moon" possibly being entirely bloodless, and less threatening than Count Duckula. Time London is running a piece on the franchise with the new trailer here.

Dread Central has spotted this, for the Twilight fan with a few pennies to spend. A Cruise / Convention from Seattle to Alaska (and presumably back again). Date is set for August 2010.

ChinaDaily has a small piece on the lead actress (Jun Ji-Hyun) of "Blood : The Last Vampire" here.

News for any Australian readers, particularly anyone in Sydney. Pyremont's Australian National Maritime Museum is celebrating 50 years of HMAS Vampire with 3 nights of vampire movies. Details are here.

Amberkatze book blog has done a review of "The Vampire's Quest" by Vivi Anna here.

Taliesin's review of the day is Bloodhound : The Vampire Gigolo

Blog news - added a nice widget for True Blood Season II in the top right corner. Also added the "I Like Horror Movies" Blog to the vampire / horror sites section (apologies to Carl, i have been visiting his blog for ages, so it should have been on there before now.)

Monday, 1 June 2009

Monday's Gruesome Goodies

Argh... vampires could not drain the life out of me faster than having to sit down and spend 4 hours doing my monthly accounts. Still, that and a good few hours of work are out of the way now thankfully, so on with the vampire goodness from out there.

BIG late news for monday night... Lost Boys 3 on the way! Good spot by the Vampire movies blog here

An oddball thing first, from the BBC of all places. A dish known as the "vampire" is becoming increasingly popular in the african country of Chad... read the full story here. If you dont like black puddings, dont read this!

Right...onto Twilight stuff now. T'was the MTV movie awards last night, and Twilight sparkled its way to five awards - Best Fight, Best Film, Best Kiss, Best Female Performance and Best Male Breakthrough. Lots of sites running with it, but I'll stick with the BBC and MTV. MTV also did a spoof of the new moon trailer.

I think biggest news of the day has to be the New Moon trailer being released. Deaana over at Vampire Cafe has the trailer.

Buddy TV runs a piece on Vampire Diaries here, with the four released snippets of video. The CW channel is going to run with this later in the year.

Lovetripper.com today runs a piece on Angel & Buffy here.

Just a reminder... tomorrow sees the release of "The Strain", the highly anticipated book by Guillermo Del Toro. The very flashy and cool website is here.

NJ.com has a small article on the actress playing the lead role in "Blood : The Last Vampire" here. The film is set for a staggered international release, June 12 is the date in the UK and June 26th in the states.

True Blood news now... Vampire Cafe spotted this, an interview with True Blood's Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) on True Blood Online

Catherine Karp over at The Suburban Vampire has written an excellent piece for The Vampire Film Festival's website, called "Garlic Loving Vampires : The Reshaping of Vampire Lore in Modern Fiction". Well worth a read...

Lesley W's booknook blog has an interview with D.B Reynolds today, author of the "Vampires in America" series.

Here's something worth looking at... Gabrielle Faust's Eternal Vigilance site is running a competition to win the True Blood Season 1 box set.

Screenrant.com has a piece on "Dear Dracula" that we have been covering this week. Kickstart productions is going to turn this into a cgi film.

This is... not sure what this is. A T-Shirt design posted yesterday.

PC computer game news now...adventuregamers.com has a preview of "A Vampyre Story 2 : A Bats Tale" here.