Monday, 8 June 2009

No vamps in spiderman 4

Right...apologies this is late, any day that involves wearing (for the first and last time hopefully) a pink waistcoat is clearly not a day that has gone to plan.

On with the news...Looks like there has been a change of heart on having the vampire Morbius as the bad guy in Spiderman 4... Vampire Cafe has spotted this, from the director.

The Vampire Cafe has also found a new poster for "Blood : The Last vampire" here.

Not content with that, check out the cafe main page for lots of true blood stuff, including a new viral video, a new clip from the upcoming series and some more episode spoilers, if you want to read them. has news of a new vampire film release i had not heard of being on the way, so i am guessing it will be a stright to dvd release. Details of "The Kiss" are here.

A little news of the vampire film entered into Cannes and directed by 9 yr old Emma Kenny here... the vampires could only be chased away by garlic potato chips if i remember the story right from a few weeks back... i have seen worse, i am sure!

The NYmag also has a nice piece with Stephan Moyer talking about some of the steamier scenes in True Blood season II here.

Twilight bits n pieces...the Canada Metro has some behind the scenes news from New Moon here.

News of "Priest" now... Twilight star Cam Gigandet has been lined up for a part in the upcoming vampire western flick. Spotted this on Gabrielle Fausts Eternal Vigilance site.

Vampire Girl vs Frankesntein Girl next... this one is not going to be for the squeamish. has the first poster release here.

Amberkatze book blog has an interview with Nancy haddock, author of "Last Vampire Standing"

More book news... "Mister Darcy, Vampyre" by Amanda Grange here

Taliesin has had his nose buried in Guillermo del Toro's "The Strain" since its release a few days ago... read his in depth review here.

Darque reviews has an interview with Rachel Caine here, author of "Carpe Corpus"


  1. A shame about Mobius - but it might still happen, the director might have a vision but it isn't as strong as the producers will and what... with Twilight... that said, Mobius is also tied in with Blade, in the neogenic nightmare cartoons anyway, so would we have had a cross-over? (one can dream)

    Good news about Cam Gigandet as he wa the best bit in Twilight (foir the 5 minutes he was on screen) - his presence might even pursuade my missus to go to the cinema for that one!!!

    Okay... the real reason for commenting... pink waistcoat... enquiring minds have to know...

  2. sisters wedding next month...was wedding suit measurement day (sprung on me, not a nice surprise) and they had pink waistcoats! arg! I was already traumatised after the sex and the city debacle!

    Shame about Morbius, i agree... was quite looking forwards to seeing Kirsten Dunst getting vamped at some point. Maybe the director watched twilight and thought that vampires that carried less threat and screen presence than dangermouse was not the way to go...

  3. I would have liked to have seen Morbius too, but not if it meant destroying the character like they did with Venom.. Bastards..