Sunday, 14 June 2009

Sunday is True Blood day

Here it is then, June 14th and it is True Blood day... unless you live in the UK, if we are lucky we might get to see series one this year... officially, anyway *cough*

Straight into it... runs a piece called "True Blood vamps are symbols of real-world discrimination - plus they are hot". Theboston herald has an interview with the producer, Alan Ball

News of the next "Dracula's Ball" in Philadelphia on September 5th here.

Anyone that reads this blog knows i am not a twilight fan... rating it somewhere between the worst film ever made and the second worst. Vampire Cafe has a copy of a review here... has a little bad language, but wow... make sure you read it!

And is if Twilight hasnt had enough of a battering after that, there is a video of Cam Gigandet's encounter with a bunch of Twi-harders here from the FunnyorDie website.

Fearnet has spotted an interview with David Slade, director for the third in the twilight series, Eclipse.

The Cafe also has a clip from "Blood : The last vampire" here - a battle scene.

Book review section now, big one today as well... we have a review of "Marked" by PC & Kristen Cast here. There is a review of another in this series "betrayed" here.

"Mr Darcy, Vampyre" is now available for pre-order here.

The Examiner does a review of "The Daystar", part of the Templar Vampire series by Rene Lyons here. They also run a detailed piece on Bram Stoker's Dracula here. has an article on "The Strain" here.

Patricia's Vampire Notes has a review of "A Dangerous Climate" by Chelsea QuinnYarbro

The Alainereading blog has a review of the "Vampire Acadamy" series by Richelle Mead.

News of a new YA vampire book on the way in September... "Fang Face" by Norm Cowie.

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