Thursday, 25 June 2009

Twilight rhubarb!

ok, its been a slow news day, but still... to have this taking up most of the vampire news out there...bah! My least favourite subject, Twilight spin off marketing at its worst! Thats right, get your essential Twilight lipstick...

The has found three new banner ads for "The Vampire Diaries". They have also found a new clip for "blood : The last vampire" here.

Want to see Dracula on stage? news that Synetic Theatre has announced a new season of Dracula is here, in Virginia, USA

Following on from yesterdays article, the has the follow up "The lure of the dead boyfriend - part 2" has an article on Hammer Horror and their two new films, "The Wake Wood" and "The resident" - not vampire films, although Sir Christopher Lee is to appear.

Fangoria does a review of "Chosen Survivors" today... vamps of the bat variety.

Taliesin's review of the day is "Vampire Assassin"


  1. where is the Twilight do it yourself seppuku kit? must.. kill.. self.. cant live in a world where Twilight makeup is being sold..

  2. Carl, we all know it would be a child-friendly kit, one that made suicide completely impossible... a plastic dagger that could not bite into flesh if you hacked and sawed away for hours, a book entitled "100 ways to pout and whine", a team edward baseball cap and some sparklie glitter to round off the package.