Sunday, 28 June 2009

Bite Club

*yawn* Early sunday morning... lets start it with some good news for a change, shall we?

"Bite Club" - news of a vampire spoof in the works from a major australian studio, and with award winning director Chris Nyst at the helm, it might be a good one. Read the full story here.

Dallas News runs a piece on Guillermo del Toro here today.

The Examiner has a feature on YA vampire series "The Last vampire" by Christopher Pike.'s book section carries a review of "once dead, twice shy" by Kim Harrison today.

We have the first review I have seen anywhere for "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein girl" here. If the film matches the review, it is going to be a classic!

More vampire manga here, from the Malaysian star, which carries a review of "Red Angel vol. 2"

Patricia's vampire notes has a book review of "A flash of hex" by Jes Battis.

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  1. That review for vampire girl vs vampire girl has just whet my appetite even more