Thursday, 11 June 2009

Megan Fox the new Buffy?

People may have read that there is a Buffy remake on the way (the film, not the series)... minus the popular cast members. Rumour has it that Megan Fox is being lined up for the lead role, read about it here.

3 days to go until true Blood Season II arrives... can we say "media frenzy"? General articles on True Blood are everywhere... USA Today,, An Eric interview here and a Bill Compton interview here on the view. MSNBC compares Twilight's Bella and True Blood's Sookie here (is there a comparison to be made? chalk and cheese surely...). has its take on the new series here, and the Examiner runs a piece on the vampire club Fangtasia here.

Twilight stuff... The Vampire Cafe spotted this interview with Chris Weitz, and has an interview with Kristen Stewart here.

Moviehole has some chat from the Directo of Dracula 2000 on the possibility of another in that series being made.

News of an auction here for some vintage vampire stuff... Dracula's cape among other things.

The Futon Critic has had a first look at Vampire Diaries, see his thoughts here. has a piece on the remake of "The legend of the 7 golden vampires" we mentioned here a couple of days ago.

Book Stuff...USA Today has done a review of the altest in the Anita Blake series, "Skin Trade" here.

Bookwormygirl does a review of "Marked" by PC and Kristen Cast.

The MooreReppion site has a feature on the new SFX vampire special magazine here.

Taliesin's review of the day is "Werewolf vs the Vampire Women"

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