Wednesday, 3 June 2009

Slow the Decay first look, and a 5 minute chunk of the diaries...

Vampire Cafe is packed with vampire goodies this morning...first off, it has first pics of the Canadian vamp film "Slow The Decay" here.

More from the cafe...they have spotted a piece on about why a Buffy remake (without any of the popular cast) would be a bad idea.

And finally... there is a summary of the Vampire Cafe's last month of vampire goodies here - several bits i have missed, so well worth skimming through. has a piece on Marvel's "Captain Britain vs Dracula" here. This series got canned at #15. The piece has a nice pic of Dracula stood atop a pile of superhero victims.

One vampire release (that i know of) today, a new Buffy comic titled "Tale of the vampires".

Micheal Avantrell's blog has an interview with multiple Bram-Stoker award winning author Jonathan Maberry here.

Time has an interview with Guillermo Del Toro here. His latest project, "The Strain" was released yesterday.

The Examiner has a review of Charlaine Harris' latest book "Dead and Gone", the latest in the Sookie Stackhouse series that became True blood on the telly.

Lots of Twilight gunk now. The Vampire Cafe has a piece on Twilight turning golden, ditching, twilight camera pallette for a nice, warm golden glow...aww.The Examiner also has news of a charity vampire-baseball game being played by the Twilight gang here. Event takes place July 4th at PGE Park, Portland, USA. More Twilight stuff from MTV, with a piece on the Twilight Fan Cruise to Alaska in August 2010. A little bit of enws on "Eclipse", the third film in the series... MTV has news that casting for the film has begun.

The Examiner also has a piece on "Thirst" and the odds of the Korean film actually making it into cinema's in the USA here. has a small piece on the stunts in "Blood : The last vampire" here.

Scifiguy has found this... cover art for "Vampire Sunrise", a book by Carole Nelson Douglas, due Nov 24th.

More from The Vampire Cafe now...and its worth putting in bold. A newly released 5 minute footage clip from Vampire Diaries.

One more from the Cafe today, its another interview with Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton) on Season II.

The dot-scribbles blog has an interesting review...a book by Tom Holland called "The Vampyre : The secret history of Lord Byron"

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