Friday, 5 June 2009

Early Friday stuff

We are heading out this afternoon to friends for what will hopefully be a stupendous chinese takeaway, so i'll have to do the blog early... will do a bigger update tomorrow.

So... on with the news. Guillermo Del Toro first, the BBC has an interview with "The Strain" co author and director of many a film here.

The Sanguinarius Journal is carrying a press release for Joseph Laycock's new work "Vampires Today : The Truth about Modern Vampirism"

News of a vampire game being released for the IPhone here. Vampires : Bloodlust has been a huge hit across facebook and myspace.

True blood now... news that Charlaine Harris is going to be making a guest appearance in the Season II finale here on the NYdaily site. has as review of the recent release of a new Buffy comic here.


  1. Vampires Today sounds most interesting, Id love to check that one out! Have a great weekend Everlost!

  2. Carl, i am a little confused over this...having seen two releases from Joseph Laycock in a week, i doubt both articles are correct.

    Other one was this, about a week ago has an interview with Joseph Laycock about his upcoming book "Modern Vampires : Your Neighbours and Spouses" out on May 30th.