Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Tuesday's Vamps

Just in case there is no update tomorrow and onwards, i am getting my excuse in early - changing Internet Service Provider tomorrow, and i am a little cynical of the blurb that says "no downtime" having worked in IT. Add to that my other phone line has had no dialtone for 2 days and has an engineer visiting tomorrow morning...could be a fun day.

Right, enough of me waffling, on with the vamps!

Its a big day of vampire releases. Blood Ties Season 1 gets released in the USA (hate to break it to you guys, its been available in the UK for ages! its been sat on the top of my desk for at least 3 months...). The highly anticipated book "The Strain" by Guillermo Del Toro is out today. USA Today is running an article on this here, and SFGate has their take on it here. Add to those, there are 4 book releases i know of today. "Carpe Corpus" by Rachel Caine, "Skin Trade" by Laura K Hamilton, "Bloody Good" by Georgia Evans, and "Undead & Unwelcome" by Mary Janice Davidson.

Vampire Cafe has found two nice pieces on True Blood. One is an interview with Stephen Moyer (Bill Compton), and the other some news on Season II plotline. (Might be spoiler, careful!) More True Blood stuff here, at ChicagoHollywood.com, who have done a review of the Blu-Ray release of the first season here.

MTV isnt ready to let Twilight go just yet, after giving it the lions share of the awards. They have a story today on the "Best Fight" award winner. More Twilight bandwagon stuff here... Forks is planning on being swamped by Twi-hard tourists, according to this. I like this article...apologies to twilight fans. The Guardian in the UK has a piece on "New Moon" possibly being entirely bloodless, and less threatening than Count Duckula. Time London is running a piece on the franchise with the new trailer here.

Dread Central has spotted this, for the Twilight fan with a few pennies to spend. A Cruise / Convention from Seattle to Alaska (and presumably back again). Date is set for August 2010.

ChinaDaily has a small piece on the lead actress (Jun Ji-Hyun) of "Blood : The Last Vampire" here.

News for any Australian readers, particularly anyone in Sydney. Pyremont's Australian National Maritime Museum is celebrating 50 years of HMAS Vampire with 3 nights of vampire movies. Details are here.

Amberkatze book blog has done a review of "The Vampire's Quest" by Vivi Anna here.

Taliesin's review of the day is Bloodhound : The Vampire Gigolo

Blog news - added a nice widget for True Blood Season II in the top right corner. Also added the "I Like Horror Movies" Blog to the vampire / horror sites section (apologies to Carl, i have been visiting his blog for ages, so it should have been on there before now.)

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