Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday night lack of delight...sorry

Another slow news day...looks like all i have to offer the world is a few book reviews, and one little bit of Anita Blake Vampire Hunter news.

Fangtastic books has a good, detailed review of "Grave Sins" by Jenna Maclaine here. has a good review of Vampire Diaries : Dark reunion here.

My Blog 2.0 has a review of laurell K Hamilton's "Bite"

Eerie Books Blog has come up with a nice list of 55 Dracula movies you should see before you die.

A little news on the still distant Anita Blake : Vampire Hunter series here...IFCTv has got involved. This is scheduled for summer 2010 release.

This is covering old ground, but Vampire Cafe has a piece on Blood Ties and the chances of it rising from the grave.

Wednesday, 29 April 2009

More Guillermo Del Toro...

Fangoria has an article on Guillermo Del Toro's upcoming book "The Strain" here...getting lots of coverage this one! Odds on now it will be turned into a film at some point in the future...There is also an official website for this release here.

Ho hum...its been a slow news day so...heres some Twilight stuff.

The Vancouver Sun (which seems to have a major piece on twilight ever day, think the editor is a fan??) has an interview with Cameron Bright, who has signed up for New Moon as Alec, one of the Volturi. has a decent article on "Breaking Dawn", the fourth in the Twilight series...namely how bad a film it could make if not rescued by some series plot-tweaking.

Here's a little true Blood item... Shocktilyoudrop has a little more info on Evan Rachel Wood, who has signed up to play the Louisiana Vampire Queen in season II. Apparantly she will only be featured in 2 episodes towards the end of the series. Full article here.

Taliesin's review of the day is the novel "BottomFeeder" by B H Fingerman.

Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Tuesday tidbits...

Tuesday Twilight stuff first...

The Daily record website has a long piece on an interview with Dakota Fanning, one of the stars of the upcoming New Moon film.

News of Channing Tatum possibly being in Eclipse as Riley is here at

Right, back to proper vamps.

A bit of True Blood news... Dreadcentral has this on HBO releasing "Episode 1 of True Blood on DVD Blue Ray on demand" - Release Date is May 4th, and it is packed with extra features. The complete 5 disc set for the entire first season is released May 19th. Also on the article is the Blue-Ray promo. has a piece on Guillermo Del Toro's new book, The Strain here.

Profiles in History has news of an auction of some of the late Forrest J Ackerman's vampire memorabelia.

Newsarama has an interview with John Reppion and Leah Moore, authors of the upcoming "The Complete Dracula"

Monday, 27 April 2009

Kiss of Darkness...

Blah, that has been a long day... anyway, down to vampire news, there is an hour of monday left so i havent missed a day! Not much in the way of anything new, but i have a bunch of reviews and vampire articles. has a review of "Kiss of Darkness" by Jennifer St Giles

Vancouver 24 hours has a little piece on twilight and vampires in general here.

Another small piece on vamps is here, at KentNewsNet, by vampire expert Michelle Belanger.

The Korea Times has another good article on upcoming Korean vampire film "Thirst" here... as i mentioned yesterday, this looks like one to make sure you see somewhere. has a review of "Let the right one" in here - widely accepted as the best vampire film for 20 years, a must see for vampire fans. also has a review of the film, if you dont believe me...

Finally...Taliesins review of the day is the South Park episode with the man says, vampires get everywhere...

Sunday, 26 April 2009

A new Calendar...

The bottom of the blog already has a UK TV calendar, that pretty much has everything vampire related that comes onto UK satellite and telly. I've had a busy morning, and i've created another calendar for upcoming Film / Book / DVD releases & vampire related events (worldwide, not just UK) If anyone wants the code to embed this on their sites, just drop me an email or leave a comment, i'll send the code over.

Right, back to vampire stuff...

The Korean herald has a nice detailed article on the upcoming film, "Thirst" - Film is released April 30th, this looks like it could be one to watch.

The Latin American Herald tribune has some more detail on Guillermo Del Toro's "The Strain", a book Trilogy from the Hellboy and Blade director. First Volume is released June 2nd.

Saturday, 25 April 2009

Dracula's Stoker, World Horror Convention, Monster Squad

Well...don't know whats happened today, normally weekends are really quiet when it comes to vampire news...not this one!

News of a premiere at the Cannes film festival this morning - a docu-movie (is that a real term now?) titled "Dracula's Stoker", a film by Stephen Salavatti. The Irish Herald has the full story here.

Speaking of festivals, this dropped into my mailbox yesterday - its some way off, but worth adding to the calender if you need an excuse to have a few days in Brighton - The World Horror Convention, March 25-28 2010 - bound to be some vampires there! has news of the original "Monster Squad" series coming to dvd. Release date is June 23rd

Much as i dislike Twilight and its sparklie nearly-vampires, i suppose i have to put the daily Twilight news on here. Here is a little bit of news that i should put on the blog. The Vancouver Sun has news of Cameron Bright being cast in one of the smaller roles in New Moon here.
Now here is some media - hype marketing based rubbish that made me cringe. News of a reality tv show, where the 12 young actresses will battle it out for a role in one of the Twilight sequels is here. The Vancouver Sun also has news from the New Moon film set here - have to say, the term "Twi-hard" for a twilight fanatic made me laugh. Slightly more worthwhile news, has some footage from Entertainment Tonight of New Moon - this is new release, not seen before stuff. has an article on Twilight and the inevitable vampire spin-offs here.

OK, back to proper vampires. has an interview with Guillermo del Toro on his upcoming vampire novel "The Strain"

The spoiledforchoice blog has a review of the book "Red-headed Stepchild" by Jaye Wells here.

News of a sequel to "30 days of night" has been unearthed by - script is written at least.

News of a childrens vampire book here... "Vampirates" by Justin Somper

Friday, 24 April 2009

League of Extraordinary Gentlemen sequel...Twilight stuff, and True blood bits

Alan Moore, author of the comics "Watchmen" and "V for Vendetta," is releasing next week "Century 1910," an extension of his acclaimed "League of Extraordinary Gentlemen" comic-book series. Full article here.

The Smith College Sophian website has a nice article on vampires and twilight here.

The comics waiting room newswire site has a lot more detail on the "From The Pages Of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’: Harker" upcoming graphic novel release here.

The Independant has an interview with Twilight's Robert Pattinson here. also has a particulalry pointless piece on Robert Pattison here.

Speaking of Twilight, the chicago tribune has the first official image release from New Moon here.

...and yet more Twilight stuff...this had to happen, didnt it. A Twilight convention has been scheduled for July 30 - August 2 in Dallas. Details are here at

Also from, an interview with stars of New Moon on the upcoming Twilight film.

News of True Blood's theme tune and other various songs used in the series being turned into an album is here...I wanna do real bad things with you...catchy tune! Album is released May 14th.

More True Blood news... Evan Rachel Wood has been named as the Vampire Queen of Louisiana in True Blood series II. Full article is here.

For those of you that have read the book "The Informers" by Bret Easton Ellis, you might be interested to know that the book has been turned into a film, starring Kim Basinger, Mickey Rourke and Billy Bob Thornton - before you get your hopes up, the vampire has been cut, no sign of any fangs or anything remotely vampish now. Full article from the Seattle Times is here. has a new still from Blood : The last vampire here.

Thursday, 23 April 2009

True Blood vs Twilight, a Harker graphic novel on the way, Twilight 3 director named! has an article called "Vampire Fetish : bloodsuckers are the new bad boy" Really all they do is compare vampire lore in true blood and twilight, so the title is a little misleading...and i think this section says it all about the piece...sparklie vampires they give a rating of 10. pffft!
Bill's intolerance to daylight means that his skin melts off in a gruesome fashion. Scary! But when Edward is in the sunlight, his skin sparkles like a million diamonds. Bling!
True Blood: 4
Twilight: 10

The Occasionalsuperheroine blog has news of a new graphic novel. From The Pages Of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’: Harker is a full color 112 page original graphic novel, available from AAM/Markosia and all good booksellers from October 2009. Dacre Stoker is lined up to write the intro to the graphic novel.

Fangoria online has a lot more detail on the Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein girl trailer mentioned here yesterday. Should be released in June, at the Fantasia film festival in Montreal.

Director news on Twilight 3 - Eclipse, set for theatres June 30 2010. RopesofSilicon has details of a press release naming David Slade as the director for the third film. This is the director of "30 days of night", and the torture flick "hard candy" so maybe the third in the series will have a harder edge to it? here's hoping...

Anna's Book blog has a competition for, and review of "Kiss of Darkness", a 2009 book by Jennifer St Giles - part of the Shadowmen series. carries an interview with the author of the "Night Huntress" series Jeaniene Frost.

Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Vampire girl vs Frankenstein Girl

Now i know that most of us that like vampires arent too squeamish, but i had better put the warning on this that there is blood...and blood by the bucketload - twilight this isnt! has unearthed a trailer for Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl. (also featured on

A bit of news on Amber Benson, who played Tara in Buffy - she has a book trilogy on the way, according to the popculturemadness blogspot - not strictly vamp, but book details are here.

Fancy getting hold of a classic Dracula movie poster? it can set you back...have a look here, one went for $310,000!

Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Lots of book reviews...

The EternalPressAuthors blogspot has a live chat event tonight, 9pm Eastern USA time with Kristina Battestella, author of "The Vampire Family".

Ok, so this isn't really news, but after having nothing to post yesterday i am going to put this on the blog anyway - has a new T-shirt design of a vampire viking called Olaf Draculasson.

For those of you that like Buffy and maths...a science blogger has gone to the trouble of working out a nice mathematical equation here for calculating how many humans there should be per vampire.

Some Girls Bite, by Chloe Neill is getting a lot of coverage out there - today brings reviews and interviews with the author here at Wendy's Minding Spot, and here at has an interview between Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart and Seventeen magazine in Mexico here.

Comic Book resources has a preview of a new comic on the way from Dynamite Entertainment - release date is 22nd April - Eva vs Dracula (Eva is Dracula's daughter here)

Vampire bungee-jumpers are needed at the upcoming Whitby Weekend - details here, its in a good cause...

The Moorereppion website has a review of the events in Dublin this past week, the city celebrating Bram Stokers Dracula.

And, saving the best til alst...thanks to The Suburban Vampire for spotting this one, True has a snippett of True Blood Season 2 here

Sunday, 19 April 2009

Thirst has new photo's from upcoming Korean vampire film "Thirst" by Park Chan-wook here - looks like these have been toned down somewhat compared to the original poster release, after criticism in Korea.

Taliesin's review of the day is "Every last Drop", a 2008 book by Charlie Huston.

Saturday, 18 April 2009

Dracula graphic novel on the way...

News of Bram Stoker's Dracula being turned into a graphic novel by Yorkshire artist Staz Johnson is here, in the Yorkshire Evening Post.

has news of a new book on the way - Abraham Lincoln, Vampire hunter - the follow up from author Seth Grahame-Smith to teh bestselling "Pride, Prejudice and Zombies"

Friday, 17 April 2009

The Whitby Film Festival

This is the biggest news i have had to put on the blog so far. It has been announced this morning, that an international horror film festival has been lined up for the 16-19th october this year in Whitby, the week before the Whitby Gothic weekend. To quote the article in the Whitby Gazette "The Bram Stoker International Film Festival will be held over four days with more than 30 horror, sci-fi and thriller films including 10 UK and five world premieres. The festival, for over 18s only, is from 16 to 19 October and will also be the official European book launch of Dracula: The Un-Dead, a sequel to the famous novel written by Stoker's great grand-nephew, Dacre, who is the festival's honorary president.

Dacre Stoker delved into his ancestor's handwritten notes on the original Dracula novel to pen his sequel, Dracula: The Un-Dead, which was the original name for the first Dracula before an editor changed the title."

The full article from the Whitby Gazette is here, and the official website for the festival is here. has news of "I, Frankenstein" here - with exclusive art and interview.

ScifiGuy has an interview with Chloe Neill here, author of the new "Some Girls Bite"

Thursday, 16 April 2009

Vampire Acadamy review & more True Blood has done a review of the new book "Vampire Acadamy" by Richelle Mead here. compares the Southern Vampire novels and their TV version, True Blood here.

Taliesin meets the vampires has news of two new books on the way, "The Strain" by Guillermo del Toro & Chuck Hogan...and "23 Hours" by David Wellington. The full article is here. Both are scheduled for June releases.

Wednesday, 15 April 2009

A Dracula convention...

We have news of a Dracula Convention, in Windber, PA (over in the states) with events starting on the 19th April, leading up to the main day on the 25th. A Full list of events and line-ups is here at has a nice article on Count Dracula here...couldnt agree more with what is written. Sparklie vampires...pah!

We have a review of a new book release here...hwadarkwhispers blog brings us Eternal Vigilance : The death of illusions, a book by Gabrielle S Faust.

Taliesin's review of the day is 2008 Swedish film, "Vampyrer"

Tuesday, 14 April 2009

Vampire Book reviews...

Harlequin's Paranormal Romance Blog has an article on the new vampire book by Lydia Parks called "Shadow Lover" here.

Becky's Book reviews has an article on "Jessica's guide to dating on the dark side", a new book by Beth Fantasky here.

Taliesin's review of the day is "blood of the Virgins" from 1967.

Monday, 13 April 2009

Monday news... has casting news for the next Twilight film, New Moon. Michael Sheen, werewolf from the Underworld series is now signed up to play the leader of the Volturi. Full story is here.

A chap called Scott Bateman has done an animated remake of the 1960's vampire film "Atom Age Vampire". The remake is available for preorder, and clips and all the other info you could want are here. has unearthed the trailer for "The Countess", a film directed by Julie Delpy....promises to be a Bathory film unlike any other.

Sunday, 12 April 2009

Let The Right One In

The Guardian newspaper over in the UK has a review of Let The Right One In, and a general look at recent Swedish produced vampire films here. Looks as though this film is going to go down as one of the best vampire flicks ever made...

For those people lucky enough to be in Dublin next weekend (18th April), the Irish Independant has an agenda here for some of the vampire related events that will be happening as part of the celebration of Bram Stokers Dracula.

Friday, 10 April 2009

Thirst trailer & poster

As mentioned a few days ago...the "Thirst" trailer has been released, spotted by Vampire Cafe. The two versions of the trailer and poster can be found here, at

Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dracula's Ball, Let the right one in - version 2, True Blood DVD news and some reviews & interviews has news of the upcoming Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia in May.

The BBC has a feature on the proposed remake of "Let The Right One In" here. The original is out in the UK on Friday 10th April.

There is a brief article on the upcoming "Blood : The last vampire" here. Film is out June 12 in UK Cinema's. has details of the Season One DVD box set here...some nice extras! DVD box set is released May 19th.

Varkat's LiveJournal has an interview with Chris Marie Green, author of the Vampire Babylon series here.

The vampirebooks blog has found something very interesting...The band Crush is coming out with a vampire film called "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" based on the novel of the same name. The event is to promote the band & the movie/novel and will feature a performance by Crush, a burlesque dancer (Shelby"Belfast" Jones) and DJ Satoki. They are also having a best dressed vampire contest where the winner will win a cameo in the film.

Taliesin gets stuck into Twilight his review here.

Wednesday, 8 April 2009

Buffy Movie, Dusk

Showbizspy has heard more rumours of a Buffy Movie being on the way...full article is here.

There is a review of the new graphic novel, Dusk here at

Taliesin's review of the day is "Southern Gothic"

Tuesday, 7 April 2009

Handy Dandy vampires & a vampire webcomic

Varkat's Live Journal has news of the next two books on the way in the "Morganville Vampires" series here. Carpe Corpus is out in June, with Fade Out arriving in November. The Journal also has something called "The Handy Dandy Vampire Generator", a post from of Rachel Caine's blog which is well worth a read!

This certainly isnt new...but i only came across this today, and it is well worth sharing! Bite Me, the Webcomic for the distinguished vampire, by Dylan Meconis. Enjoy the read!

Zahir over at Undead Whispers has found this new version of dracula being made, shared with the world on youtube.

Taliesin's review of the day is the new film release, "Bled"

Monday, 6 April 2009

Monday Night Vampires... has a review of the new "Some girls bite" book here.

For those of you wanting to do some shopping...the new Spiral Direct catalog popped through my letterbox this morning, and there are a bunch of nice new vampire designs in there. You can download the online catalog here.

ChannelNewsAsia has another interview with True Blood's Bill Compton here. has news of the upcoming Korean vampire film, "Thirst" here. The article has an official production clip, and promises an official trailer sometime this week.

No-one can find more obscure vampire films to review than Taliesin...his review of "Vampire Knights" from way back in 1987 is here.

Sunday, 5 April 2009

True Blood Interview has a good interview with british actor Stephen Moyer, who plays Bill Compton in True Blood here.

Saturday, 4 April 2009

Hellsing Ultimate IV, more twilight silliness and Let the right one in

Active Anime gives us an early preview of Hellsing Ultimate IV, out in June here.

Ahh, i have been missing these silly twilight stories for a few's one dreamt up by a marketing genius somewhere, a copy of Robert Pattinson's teeth used to put bite marks in dvd covers. Maybe they should have made the dvd covers sparkle in the sunshine instead. Ok, I am close to a sparkly vampire twilight rant now, so here is the story.

Twitch magazine has a good in depth interview with the director of "Let the right one in", an excellent vampire film, in many critics eyes one of the best ever made (sparklie twilight fans take note). Full interview can be read here.

Friday, 3 April 2009

Renfield & Vampire Puppetts!

Dread Central has casting news for the upcoming Renfield film here.

Dread Central also has this little gem...Twilight : The Puppett Saga! has an interview with Jesse Blaze Snider on his new vampire release, Dead Romeo here.

Thursday, 2 April 2009

Dead Souls Miniseries

There is news of the "Dead Souls" comic miniseries, by Kurt Amacker here.

MTV has an interview with Twilight's Kristen Stewart here, where she discusses the direction of the second film, New Moon.

Wednesday, 1 April 2009

True Blood Season 2 on the way, & Anita Blake Vampire Hunter Movie!

Now here is some good news...according to, True Blood season two will be coming to television (in the states) on June with any luck, by the end of 2012 we should have it in the UK. Full story, with photos is here.

As if there weren't enough reasons to like Angelina Jolie, heres another...shes a vampire fan! Favourite book is revealed here...
"Vlad the Impaler: In Search of the Real Dracula" by M.J. Trow.

News of Dracula's castle (Bran Castle in Romania) is here - soon to be returned by the government to the family that owned it in the 1940's.

The Occult View has a nice article today on the history of Dracula and vampires in film and stage here.

Now here is some big news, The Anita Blake Vampire hunter series of books have been signed up by the IFC cable network and Lionsgate to produce a made for TV movie. Full story is here

Some sad news here, the actor that played Lorne in Angel has sadly passed away, aged 33.