Thursday, 23 April 2009

True Blood vs Twilight, a Harker graphic novel on the way, Twilight 3 director named! has an article called "Vampire Fetish : bloodsuckers are the new bad boy" Really all they do is compare vampire lore in true blood and twilight, so the title is a little misleading...and i think this section says it all about the piece...sparklie vampires they give a rating of 10. pffft!
Bill's intolerance to daylight means that his skin melts off in a gruesome fashion. Scary! But when Edward is in the sunlight, his skin sparkles like a million diamonds. Bling!
True Blood: 4
Twilight: 10

The Occasionalsuperheroine blog has news of a new graphic novel. From The Pages Of Bram Stoker’s ‘Dracula’: Harker is a full color 112 page original graphic novel, available from AAM/Markosia and all good booksellers from October 2009. Dacre Stoker is lined up to write the intro to the graphic novel.

Fangoria online has a lot more detail on the Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein girl trailer mentioned here yesterday. Should be released in June, at the Fantasia film festival in Montreal.

Director news on Twilight 3 - Eclipse, set for theatres June 30 2010. RopesofSilicon has details of a press release naming David Slade as the director for the third film. This is the director of "30 days of night", and the torture flick "hard candy" so maybe the third in the series will have a harder edge to it? here's hoping...

Anna's Book blog has a competition for, and review of "Kiss of Darkness", a 2009 book by Jennifer St Giles - part of the Shadowmen series. carries an interview with the author of the "Night Huntress" series Jeaniene Frost.

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