Saturday, 25 April 2009

Dracula's Stoker, World Horror Convention, Monster Squad

Well...don't know whats happened today, normally weekends are really quiet when it comes to vampire news...not this one!

News of a premiere at the Cannes film festival this morning - a docu-movie (is that a real term now?) titled "Dracula's Stoker", a film by Stephen Salavatti. The Irish Herald has the full story here.

Speaking of festivals, this dropped into my mailbox yesterday - its some way off, but worth adding to the calender if you need an excuse to have a few days in Brighton - The World Horror Convention, March 25-28 2010 - bound to be some vampires there! has news of the original "Monster Squad" series coming to dvd. Release date is June 23rd

Much as i dislike Twilight and its sparklie nearly-vampires, i suppose i have to put the daily Twilight news on here. Here is a little bit of news that i should put on the blog. The Vancouver Sun has news of Cameron Bright being cast in one of the smaller roles in New Moon here.
Now here is some media - hype marketing based rubbish that made me cringe. News of a reality tv show, where the 12 young actresses will battle it out for a role in one of the Twilight sequels is here. The Vancouver Sun also has news from the New Moon film set here - have to say, the term "Twi-hard" for a twilight fanatic made me laugh. Slightly more worthwhile news, has some footage from Entertainment Tonight of New Moon - this is new release, not seen before stuff. has an article on Twilight and the inevitable vampire spin-offs here.

OK, back to proper vampires. has an interview with Guillermo del Toro on his upcoming vampire novel "The Strain"

The spoiledforchoice blog has a review of the book "Red-headed Stepchild" by Jaye Wells here.

News of a sequel to "30 days of night" has been unearthed by - script is written at least.

News of a childrens vampire book here... "Vampirates" by Justin Somper

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