Monday, 13 April 2009

Monday news... has casting news for the next Twilight film, New Moon. Michael Sheen, werewolf from the Underworld series is now signed up to play the leader of the Volturi. Full story is here.

A chap called Scott Bateman has done an animated remake of the 1960's vampire film "Atom Age Vampire". The remake is available for preorder, and clips and all the other info you could want are here. has unearthed the trailer for "The Countess", a film directed by Julie Delpy....promises to be a Bathory film unlike any other.


  1. Actually, Michael Sheen being in it is the best news so far... as he was by far the joint best thing in the underworld series (along with Kate's rubber clad bum!)

  2. Still havent got my hopes up...however good an actor and fearsome performance he may put in, he is still going to be sparklie in the sunlight. I am now starting to wonder if that leather clad bum sparkles in the sunlight...?