Thursday, 9 April 2009

Dracula's Ball, Let the right one in - version 2, True Blood DVD news and some reviews & interviews has news of the upcoming Dracula's Ball in Philadelphia in May.

The BBC has a feature on the proposed remake of "Let The Right One In" here. The original is out in the UK on Friday 10th April.

There is a brief article on the upcoming "Blood : The last vampire" here. Film is out June 12 in UK Cinema's. has details of the Season One DVD box set here...some nice extras! DVD box set is released May 19th.

Varkat's LiveJournal has an interview with Chris Marie Green, author of the Vampire Babylon series here.

The vampirebooks blog has found something very interesting...The band Crush is coming out with a vampire film called "Somewhere Between Heaven and Hell" based on the novel of the same name. The event is to promote the band & the movie/novel and will feature a performance by Crush, a burlesque dancer (Shelby"Belfast" Jones) and DJ Satoki. They are also having a best dressed vampire contest where the winner will win a cameo in the film.

Taliesin gets stuck into Twilight his review here.

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