Thursday, 30 April 2009

Thursday night lack of delight...sorry

Another slow news day...looks like all i have to offer the world is a few book reviews, and one little bit of Anita Blake Vampire Hunter news.

Fangtastic books has a good, detailed review of "Grave Sins" by Jenna Maclaine here. has a good review of Vampire Diaries : Dark reunion here.

My Blog 2.0 has a review of laurell K Hamilton's "Bite"

Eerie Books Blog has come up with a nice list of 55 Dracula movies you should see before you die.

A little news on the still distant Anita Blake : Vampire Hunter series here...IFCTv has got involved. This is scheduled for summer 2010 release.

This is covering old ground, but Vampire Cafe has a piece on Blood Ties and the chances of it rising from the grave.


  1. Oh no.. Another Will Ferrell vehicle? At least they brought on the right director, but ugh.. Sounds like The Brothers Grimm or whatever the hell they called that other flick only somehow they have managed to make it even more stupid!

  2. Only one thing you can say about this, if it involves the gingerbread house...its going to be a crummy film!


    I have visions of this being something like "Sean of the dead" if you have seen that.