Monday, 1 June 2009

Monday's Gruesome Goodies

Argh... vampires could not drain the life out of me faster than having to sit down and spend 4 hours doing my monthly accounts. Still, that and a good few hours of work are out of the way now thankfully, so on with the vampire goodness from out there.

BIG late news for monday night... Lost Boys 3 on the way! Good spot by the Vampire movies blog here

An oddball thing first, from the BBC of all places. A dish known as the "vampire" is becoming increasingly popular in the african country of Chad... read the full story here. If you dont like black puddings, dont read this!

Right...onto Twilight stuff now. T'was the MTV movie awards last night, and Twilight sparkled its way to five awards - Best Fight, Best Film, Best Kiss, Best Female Performance and Best Male Breakthrough. Lots of sites running with it, but I'll stick with the BBC and MTV. MTV also did a spoof of the new moon trailer.

I think biggest news of the day has to be the New Moon trailer being released. Deaana over at Vampire Cafe has the trailer.

Buddy TV runs a piece on Vampire Diaries here, with the four released snippets of video. The CW channel is going to run with this later in the year. today runs a piece on Angel & Buffy here.

Just a reminder... tomorrow sees the release of "The Strain", the highly anticipated book by Guillermo Del Toro. The very flashy and cool website is here. has a small article on the actress playing the lead role in "Blood : The Last Vampire" here. The film is set for a staggered international release, June 12 is the date in the UK and June 26th in the states.

True Blood news now... Vampire Cafe spotted this, an interview with True Blood's Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll) on True Blood Online

Catherine Karp over at The Suburban Vampire has written an excellent piece for The Vampire Film Festival's website, called "Garlic Loving Vampires : The Reshaping of Vampire Lore in Modern Fiction". Well worth a read...

Lesley W's booknook blog has an interview with D.B Reynolds today, author of the "Vampires in America" series.

Here's something worth looking at... Gabrielle Faust's Eternal Vigilance site is running a competition to win the True Blood Season 1 box set. has a piece on "Dear Dracula" that we have been covering this week. Kickstart productions is going to turn this into a cgi film.

This is... not sure what this is. A T-Shirt design posted yesterday.

PC computer game news has a preview of "A Vampyre Story 2 : A Bats Tale" here.


  1. Hey there,
    how are you doing? thank you very much for the comment of introducing yourself and giving me brief description of your blog. I found you via google and because of the imediate attraction to vampires. i instantly added you to my faves because you let me know that Vampire Dairies was gonna be on CW (i've read about two of the series which i adored but its hard to find them at Books Etc nowadays.)
    I like your blog alot =D.

    True Twilight does put a different spin on vampires being romantically beautified. But i like the more rancid/vicious vampires like in Poppy Z. Brite and Storm Constantine have very raw intake on vampires. whats your favourite author that captured vampires in the form that appealed more to you?

    have you watched "let the right one in" yet?i havent but i really want to, the trailers make it very hard to not want to watch it.

    have you been to the slimelight?

    sorry for asking too many questions, its one of my tendencies lol.

    anyways, i hope all is well.

    take care.

  2. Hi nancypants...

    thanks for the comment...Vampire Diaries looks like it is going to be quite big, given the amount of coverage and primetime slot its been given over in the states...who knows when it will appear over here, but i'll let you know as and when it does.

    My personal favourite vamps are between the two...i cant say i like the vampires that push towards the "30 days of night" type, and i certainly dont like the vampires that dont like to bite and are all angst and self loathing. Nope, middle ground for me...if you have seen Kindred : The Embraced series, that is fairly close. Strong, suave, sexy, not afraid to bite and kill the mortal's that get in their way or that they take a fancy to.

    Actually,i know this guy is my buddy, but this is the best i have read... I put this right up there with the anne rice & necroscope series, and its kicked me off into trying to write my own... 100,000+ words so far!
    (not for kids!)

    I havent seen let the right one in yet, but you have to watch it at some point...its been called the best vampire film for the last 20 years...cant wait to get hold of it myself!, is that in london? I'm way up north in sunny doncaster, very rarely been to london (remember driving around it lost for 4 hours once, not my favourite place!)

    anyway, thanks for posting the comment, glad the blog is useful...thats what it is here for!

  3. Best actress... lol... that has to be a spoof... no... well bless my soul my entire world view of what amounts to acting is obviously wrong...

    That aside, many thanks for the kind words about the book.