Saturday, 27 June 2009

Lost Boys DVD collectors set & more

News that there is a Lost Boys collectors set on the way, Sept 15th from - if i remember rightly, there is a lost boys 3 in the pipeline for sometime in the distant future...

Lots of reaction out there to the Daybreakers trailer being released, so i wont post repeats... i got news of seven sites running with the trailer today.

Buffy is still going strong in comic book form... Dark Horse has a preview of the next release here.

The Examiner has an interview with Anne Rice today... read it here.

True Blood stuff... Vampire Cafe has two inteviews; Alan Ball & Rutina Wesley.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this... raised a smile!

Fangtastic Books has done a review of "Blood Books Vol 1" by Tanya Huff. has done a review of "moonshine" by Rob Thurman


  1. Lost Boys should be worth double dipping, I cant remember if my version was a bare bones release or not..

  2. Carl, i know i read somewhere that there was a lost boys 3 on the way, frog juice and all included... shame the box set wont have lost boys 3 included.