Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Vampire Diaries Online... forum opens.

Looks like all the big news was yesterday... meagre pickings today, but here they are.

Bloomberg has done a nice long piece on Guillermo del Toro here.

The Examiner has loads of vampire stories today. First one is a piece on "The Vampire Diaries", then they look back at the old "Nosferatu the Vampire" and then they have a long piece on coloured vampires, or the lack of here.

True Blood stuff next..4 days to go until Series has a piece on True Blood here, and the (again) has a piece on Evan Rachel Wood, vampire queen in the next series here. Vampire Cafe has spotted some behind the scenes images here.

I'm not entirely sure that this is something new... but the Examiner also has an article on a new Dracula adaptation here. There are always dracula adaptations in the works, so apologies if this is old news. has news of the Twilight Vampire Cruise to Alaska in 2010.

Vampire Diaries Online news... the website has been open for a while, but the Forum just opened yesterday, if you are a fan, get over there and sign up.

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