Saturday, 7 January 2017

The Lure, Vampire game pack in Sims 4, Underworld V reviews

Possible new vampire film, with vampire mermaids. They have teeth and bite, at least.  The Lure is set for limited release in New York in February.

The next Sims 4 game release is going to have loads of vampire goodies, with a game pack just for vampires.

Mixed reviews for the latest Underworld film keep rolling in... find them here and here and here.  Kate Beckinsale and Theo James talk about the film here.

The Vampires Rock musical is still trundling around the UK, latest review is here.

There is a new little shockwave browser game here called Incredible Dracula II : Last Call

Theatre show - Dracula, in Whitstable, Kent UK on Feb 17th

This year's Glasgow Film Festival has a nice event running... a Lost Boys screening and set and what looks like it might be a cosplay night.

TV series - Shadowhunters season 2 has just started.

Castlevania Dracula X has got a release for Nintendo consoles.

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