Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Vampyre Nation, Bathory, Shunji Iwai's "Vampire"

Vampire Cafe has the first chapter of vampire author Richelle Mead's next book "Last Sacrifice"

Dread Central has news of a new series coming to SyFy - Vampire Nation

BloodyDisgusting has news of Shunji Iwai's "Vampire" film getting its premiere at the Sundance 11 film festival.

BloodyDisgusting also has news of the Buffy remake here.

The version of Bathory starring Anna Friel in the lead role is finally getting its realease in the UK... December 3rd.  Details are here at Filmshaft.

Competition news here for any make up artists who fancy having a crack at Dracula... the chance to win the role of Head Make Up Artist for Dracula the Musical.

MTV has an exclusive clip from Vampires Suck here.

Taliesin today looks at 1970 film Jonathan

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