Tuesday, 7 December 2010

Eternity, Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula

Vampire Cafe spotted some posters for Being Human here.

There is an interview with Sally Fink of South African vamp film Eternity here.

Fangoria has news that Bonnie and Clyde vs Dracula is getting a commercial release next year.

There is a small piece on the new Vampirella comic here.

There is news here that Carmilla : A Vampyre Tale is available in the USA as an audibook.

Anime news... there is a review of Rosario + Vampire Season II Vol 3 here.

Ontheflix has some vampire diaries casting news here.


  1. I really do fancy Bonnie and Clyde v Dracula - don't know why, perhaps my sense of the bizarre...

    and is it just me or does Mitchell (or whatever they have called the vampire character) have rather big ears? lol :)

  2. You just like to push the "vampires get everywhere" theme... more obscure the better!

    he does have big ears, dont think teresa will like him as much as our mitchell...