Wednesday, 29 December 2010

Next Sookie Stackhouse novel preview chapter, Being Human comparisons...

Charlaine Harris has published the 1st chapter in the next of the Sookie Stackhouse series of books... which of course became True Blood.

Fangoria reviews "The Vampire Hunters", a book by Scott M Baker here.

There is a feature on vampire author Joshua Martyr here.

MTV has a Vampire Diaries spoiler here. has a review of "The Secret of Vampires" by Claude Lecouteux.

IO9 does a detailed comparison of SyFy's Being Human and the original BBC version here.

Taliesin today reviews 1991 film "Ultimate Vampire"  Fans of Taliesin's blog might be amused to know he now has a theme tune!


  1. Yay - I have a theme tune! - can we tell I'm excited, and public thanks for doing the YouTube bit.

    I read Secret History recently and was kinda saddened by it, there were quiet a few factual errors (though some good stuff as well) - I wondered whether it was sloppy translation.

  2. Next conference you go to... you do have to walk out to that now. You know, like the wrestlers do on the way to the ring. It should also play whenever you enter a room!

  3. I was thinking of being followed around by musicians playing it!