Friday, 20 November 2009


I like this. Its a Twilight parody a day this week! This one was spotted by the wonderful Vampire Cafe.

Bloody Disgusting has news that more "30 Days of Night" sequels are planned, after a chat with director Steve Niles.

Shocktilyoudrop has news of "Underworld IV", with the writer being named.

The JustJared site has news of the "I Kissed a vampire" webseries... its now on youtube, to be precise.

Bite Club #20 is available to download here.

CNN has a piece called "The changing face of Vampires, from Dracula to Edward"

Vampire Cafe has a nice bundle of Vampire Diaries stuff around episode 10 here, and an even bigger collection of New Moon stuff here.

Dread Central has the predictable news that New Moon is breaking records. If anyone bothered to listen to the several reviews i have seen or heard on the film, i doubt those figures would let it break even, let alone break records. Read Bloody Disgusting's review from yesterday if you dont believe me.

Oh now this is a real gem. Dread Central spotted this... an advert for Vampax.

The VictoriaAdvocate has a piece on the evolution of vampires here.

Cinematical has a nice piece called "What makes a real vampire?"

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