Sunday, 15 November 2009

New Moon snippets

Weekends are normally quiet, hopefully there will be a few interesting snippets though.

Gabrielle Faust has done a nice piece on Vampires going green here.

Vampire Cafe spotted some Vampire Diaries casting news here, and a couple of interviews with people from the New Moon set here.

Sticking with new Moon, dread central has an uncensored interview with some of the cast here.

The LA Times has a piece called "on the trail of vampires" here.

The LA Times also has a report on Stephanie meyer's appearance on Oprah here.

Taliesin today reviews Tsui Hark's "Vampire Hunters" from 2002.


  1. Sparkling vampires.. Nooo!!
    I love reading your blog Paul, very interesting to say the least. ;)

  2. Thanks! *grumbles* I really dont like it when Twilight stuff is about all i have to post about, everything is just Twilight and Vampire Diaries gossip now. blah!

  3. I agree with you. Recently heard about some Twilight fans harassing others and even fighting with other fans. Not the cat fight sort of thing but the knock down drag out, type of fights. It's crazy!

  4. those would be the "Twi-hards", or "Twi-tards"... take your pick!