Wednesday, 4 November 2009

We are the night... and Twilight Underpants!

Some comedy to start tonight... Suburban Vampire unearthed this gem.

Bloody Disgusting has news of a german vampire series here... "We are the night"

Episode 18 of Bite Club is available for download here.

Dread Central has two new Vampire Diaries clips here, and a new TV spot for New Moon here.

A little fun in the halloween spirit... dress the vampire lady.

Ahh, some twilight nonsense... it has been so long. Twipanties, anyone?

MTV has news of a new book, "Vampire Taxonomy" here.

News of a Korean / japanese vampire film here... "Higanjima". Thanks for Taliesin bringing this to my attention, there is a trailer here.


  1. A higanjima trailer can be seen here. Note, it is not subtitled.

  2. The Twipanties were a joke but I'm not opposed to having a Vampire on my butt. I'm just saying..

  3. Oh Darn! I thought I had a great Christmas present for certain people on my list, but now I see that the panties are not for sale :(

  4. Thanks for the comments guys. The vampire L-ass-stat film is on the way, Nicole, there's an opportunity for some merchandise!