Tuesday, 3 November 2009

Dead Cert pics & True Blood season III spoilers

Ok, its blog time. First tonight, i'll give a shout to The Bram Stoker Film Festival, which is scheduled for 14-17th October 2010.

Trueblood.net has some spoilers for season III here.

Moviecitynews.com has a piece worth reading - "The Vampire as Moral Compass"

Bloody Disgusting has some (7) pics from upcoming vampire film "Dead Cert" here.

Dread Central has a New Moon featurette here - meet the volturri.

Kat Von D talks about her role in "The Bleeding" here at Dread Central.

Dread Central also has a little casting news for "let me in" here

Newsarama today has a piece on "the Federal Zombie and Vampire Agency" including a 16 page preview here.

Some PC Game news here - Vampire Hunters

The News Scotsman site has a nice piece on vampires here.

Taliesin today reviews "The Flemish Vampire" from 2006

A little UK film news - Leeds film festival is to show "Sodium babies" and "Vampire Girl vs Frankenstein Girl" .

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