Sunday, 1 November 2009

New Moon footage...

A Slow night on the news front, but heres what we've got.

Dread Central has some "New Moon" footage from MTV here, and footage of Bella's birthday here.

News of a new comic featuring Vlad the Impaler is here.

Everlost and Taliesin on the radio, whatever next? We did a report from the Bram Stoker Film Festival for Zombie Astronaut's Frequency of Fear, listen to the whole show here.

Vampires get everywhere. Even into washing liquid adverts, this was from a 2004 Phillipines ad.

Taliesin today analyses the vampire theme in "Jennifers Body"


  1. How can you call it a slow day with New Moon footage?!?!?! I'm certain you're still glued to your computer, watching the sparklepires.... ;)

  2. i'm glued to the computer alright, digging up better news than yesterday thats for sure... if new moon footage is my headline you know its been a bad day! i came so close to using the washing powder from 2004 instead...

    got some better news in a few mins if you can hang about!