Tuesday, 10 November 2009

Blood : A Butchers Tale & Fangforce

Well yesterday was quiet... lets see if tonight is any better.

Starting with this, from TureBlood.net. The people's Choice Awards are coming, and theres a chance True Blood is going to win, but it needs your vote!

Vampire Cafe has news of a new vampire book "The Wolf House" by Mary Borsellino.

Dread Central has news of a new kids tv series, "Fang Force"... with 26 30minute episodes on the way.

New Film news! Bloody Disgusting has news of "Blood : A Butchers Tale"
"Blood: a Butchers Tale, is the harrowing tale of Sam, a simple butcher who discovers that the love of his life, Darcy, is being seduced by a vampire.

As he investigates further, Sam realizes that his destiny is to become the destroyer of this blood thirsty race. Sam begins a killing spree with the slaughter of his beloved wife, then her blood addicted lover.

Sam then makes it his duty to systematically destroy the remainder of the clan, until he hesitates about killing Lily (Campbell), the last of her race. Helplessly he falls in love with Lily and learns to respect her desire to be normal.

Eventually Sam must battle with the possibility of repopulating the planet, with the exact race he set out to destroy.

The Trailer is here
The official website is here.

Spotted this on the bestofblogs site...

A little legal news... Summit entertainment are wielding the lawyers in an attempt to stop the "Beckett Teen Sensations" mag from being published.

Taliesin today reviews "The Lair : Season II"


  1. certainly does! Sorry about fang force, thats 13 hours of vampire kids show you are going to have to sit through at some point!