Tuesday, 1 December 2009

Bleeder, Monster in the House

Gabrielle Faust has done a feature on True Blood's Alexander Skarsgard here. Gabrielle has just finished the first draft of the third book in the Eternal Vigilance series, well worth a read...

The second episode of webseries "Bleeder" is due out today.

Vampire Cafe spotted a new music video... The Sparks - We Love like Vampires.

Big news here, spotted by Dread Central. The Director of the fabulous "Being Human" is working on a new, similar sounding project...Monster in the House - full details here.

True Blood season III details are starting to leak out. TrueBlood.net has some casting news for Sam's mother here, details of episode 2 are here, and news of Marshall Allman's role in season III is here.

A little sad news... Paul Naschy has passed away. read details of his career, which included roles as dracula here.

Dread Central has spotted a second Daybreakers trailer here.

Dread Central also has some news on the final part of the Twilight saga, "Breaking Dawn"

Oh lord no. MTV has some speculation that there is to be a Twilight TV spinoff.

News of a new game for the iPhone here - Vampire Puff-Puff

A little Vampire Diaries news here... Kelly Hu is to guest star.

Taliesin today reviews "The Collector" TV episode.

There have been quite a few Vampire Romance books released today... i count nine. Details are on the Vampire Romance Books site.

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