Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Blood Oath & The Fixer

Lets start with this tonight. Dread Central has news of a 3d vampire film being in the works, from director Albert Pyun.

Suburban Vampire spotted this - "The Fixer", an upcoming tv series based on the Lawson vampire series.

True Blood is up for some recognition at The Satellite Awards, spotted by

Fangoria has an interview with David Chackler, the man behind the Fright Night soundtrack.

Vampire Cafe spotted this BIG news. Jack Bauer with fangs! ok, well not Jack himself, but a similar role for Nathaniel Cade, a vampire protecting presidents for over a century. "Blood Oath" is expecting in May 2010.

More from Deaana at vampire cafe, who spotted an interview with Transylmania director Patrick Cavanaugh.

The Cafe also has a piece on the Breaking Dawn 1 or 2 films debate.

Dread Central has a second TV spot for Daybreakers here.

This is scary. William Shatner with fangs, from the Tonight show last night.

There is a piece called "the real science and history of vampires" here.

There is an interview with vampire expert Joseph Laycock here.


  1. Great info in this post! I was searching for other Vampire Blogs and am very excited to come across this one! I am writing a fictional blog of a vampire's life. It's a work in progress but would love to get any feedback! . Thanks and keep up the good work!

  2. Mike, glad you like the blog! I'll add your link to the site.

    i would recommend the vamplit publishing place, they are a friendly bunch and more than happy to give any feedback on your writing.


  3. Thanks so much for the suggestion and the add!