Thursday, 24 December 2009

xmas eve vamps...

Vampire Cafe has kept going right up until xmas eve, and they have a few stories today...good thing too, because everyone else has closed down by the looks of it!

First is this... "The Lair, Season III" is set to get a third season on USA cable.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this, a bunch of photo's from "Being Human" Season II.

Anne Rice has given a couple of interviews to the LA Times, where she talks about the current vampire craze, and True Blood.

Bite Club episode 25 is available here.

Vampire Cafe also spotted these... a couple of interviews with Steve Niles, director of the "30 days of night : dark days" film, here and here.

Taliesin today reviews "Two front teeth", a film from 2006.

Hve a great xmas everyone, i'll be back to posting on the 26th.


  1. Actually, I guess I might've said it wrong, the Season 3 DVDs for the Lair is coming out in March. The Season 3 is all done, apparently. I wouldn't know because I don't have here!.

  2. thanks deanna... might well have been me not reading it right, it wouldnt be the first time!

    have a great xmas, hope 2010 is a huge year for you and the Café!