Tuesday, 15 December 2009

Damn Nation, Facebook & Daybreakers team up

Tuesday night... I have suffered a day trailing around shops in a day of hectic xmas shopping, so its a relief to get back here.

True Blood news first - Bill & Sookie have been nominated for Golden Globe awards.

Dread Central has news of Being Human series II.

More film news! "Damn Nation" has found it's writers, with Paramount set to produce the film.

More from Dread Central now, with Facebook and Daybreakers teaming up to capture humans.

MTV runs with a piece claiming that Eclipse has an extraordinary ending.

Vampire Cafe spotted a little True Blood casting news here.

A new Castlevania game is close. Heres a first look at the vampires in the game.


  1. I'm loving the True Blood casting news. I seriously can't wait for Season 3 to start but I'm hoping that they will stay close to the book.

  2. I get the feeling the tv series will gradually stray away from the books... didnt they keep lafayette alive because he was too popular to drop?

    Its still damn good anyway! wonder if we will get 10 series to match the 10 books...?