Tuesday, 29 December 2009

vampire cows...

Vampire Cafe has stayed busy over the xmas period... thanks to Deaana and everyone over there!

First tonight, they have spotted this, a feature on Alcide, a new character for true blood season III.

Lesbian Vampire Killers wasnt great. In fact, its been one of the biggest flops of 2009, according to the metro.co.uk website.

Vampire Cafe is handing out its 2009 Vampy Awards... head over there and vote!

Bloody Disgusting has some more casting news for True Blood season III here.

Shockya.com has some new pics from The Vampire Diaries.

Vampire Cafe spotted this, a new 40 second teaser trailer for Being Human season II.

Vampire Cafe also spotted this, a behind the scenes report on "Priest"

I think, this has to be the first time i have come across a Vampire Cow anywhere - Taliesin will let us know, im sure. Beware the Cownt!

Taliesin today reviews "Hercules against the moon men" from 1964

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  1. No, not the first time... the first vampire cow(s) I can recall was in the Little Vampire (2000) - in fact there was a flting herd of the red eyed, fanged, pooping menaces