Thursday, 17 December 2009

Vampire Tales

Starting here tonight... Gabrielle Faust has done a piece for the examiner on True Blood's season III werewolf here.

Shocktilyoudrop has news of horror-comedy "Vampire Tales" here.

Being Human has launched a viral website here.

vampire cafe is running its 2009 vampy awards here.

A new promo for Vampire Diaries is out...

This isnt new, but i have to share this. The worst and wierdest vampire merchandise.

There is a little more True Blood season III casting news here... a new toy for Eric. Also some more from Shocktilyoudrop here.

Vampchix site has a great list of December vampire book releases here.

Spike TV has aired a new clip from Daybreakers here - a riot scene.

Jason Segel performed "Dracula's lament" on the late late show last night...

Taliesin today reviews "The Pumpkin Seed", a 2009 book by Timothy C Hobbs

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