Wednesday, 9 December 2009

Back to blogging... Dark Shadows news!

Ok, we made it home. finally, and a few hundred pounds out of pocket. So, with that, i intend to inflict some misery on people...

... and i can think of nothing more horrific than this. Demons was quite something to behold, when it was on ITV... read Talisin's review here. Well now... BBC America is about to share the joy.

While i have been away, it has been widely reported that Johnny Depp's version of Dark Shadows is to film in Sept / October 2010.

Bite club episode 23 is available here.

Vampire Cafe spotted this... news of Transylmania's spectaculr failure at the box office. has a review of Orlock 3d.

The Anita Blake movie didnt happen unfortunately. Vampire Cafe spotted Linda K Hamilton saying the movie would not have had any sex scenes missing.

Dread Central has more casting news for "Sherwood Horror" here.

There is new here that the "Priest" release date has been moved forwards a little to 27th August 2010.

BloodyDisgusting has news that "Eclipse" will be shown at IMAX, the 360 degree screen.

Bloodydisgusting also has some true blood news... Pam is to be given a far bigger role in season 3 it seems.

Daybreakers has a twitter service now running... Dreadcentral has the details here.

Hindu vampire mythology is not something i see every day making the headlines... so this is all the more interesting.

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