Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Twilight Vamps...

A little update on the "Being Human" novels mentioned on the blog yesterday... there are in fact three on the way, available from amazon UK in February... thanks to Taliesin for spotting this.

Speaking of Being Human, their Facebook thing reveals today that the second series will begin screening on BBC2 in the UK on the 10th january!

News for those of us in the UK - True Blood season II is coming to FX in February!

Vampire Cafe has a couple of interesting links surrounding "Moonlight", and its possible comeback. Or not.

BloodyDisgusting has an image from the twilight film "Eclipse"

Dread Central has some news on some "Vlad the Impaler" figures just released.

Shocktilyoudrop has news of "Twilight Vamps" - no sparkles, by the sounds of the synopsis! Release date is Jan 19th.

Twilight Vamps: A vampire nudie bar? Let's get the party started! Two guys get the lap dance of their lives at one of the sexiest night clubs around, Shadows, where they encounter a bevy of bounteous beauties with an appetite for human blood. When Tabitha and her gang of to-die-for vampire strippers lead a dusk to dawn marathon of sex, music and more sex, who will survive and what will be left of them? Starring Brandin Rackley, Ashley West, Christine Nguyen and Beverly Lynne.

News of a console release of "Dracula X : Rondo of Blood" is here. There is also news of a Castlevania soundtrack collection being released here.


  1. Hey Everlost,

    That Vlad statue is one of the sweetest Dracula/Vamp statues I've ever seen! Once again, that is what a VAMPIRE should look like, he almost has a Wamyphyri quality about him as well.

    Thanks for the heads up. If I get that one, I'll have to get the McFarlane Bathory one to go with it I suppose :)

    In regards to Moonlight, it was one of few female audience-centred vampire shows I actually enjoyed, besides Blood Ties. I think it got unduly axed, though the writers did stuff up. I'm not sure if you followed the show, but once Mick St John discovered he was descended from a Royal French Bloodline that was immume to fire, they should have had him go running after Coraline to save her and dig up his bloodline's past, but they kept him on home turf so him and Beth could continue to flutter eyelashes at one another. ugh!

    Blood Ties only went for 2 seasons, and I rate those two shows almost as good as Forever Knight, which set the standard and is a classic. Hell even Whedon ripped if off for Angel. I wouldn't be surprised if we see some Forever Knight update on day soon as well. I would appreciate a Vampire Chronicles tv series if done well.

    I guess we have True Blood (which is fun) and Vampire Diaries (which is passable) to keep us entertained anyways....

  2. Hi Gabriel... yes, i'd like to see a moonlight comeback as well. At least Forever knight got a good run, i guess the cast have put on a few years now so it might make another season difficult with them being immortal and all...

    Vampire Chronicles TV series, now theres an idea! There is a "The Vampire Lestat" film on the way of course, if it does as well as it should do, maybe we will get a TV spinoff?

  3. Happy Yule! Hope you're staying warm and intoxicated this week! I know that's what I'm doing. ;)

  4. Thanks Gabrielle... i certainly intend to! booze is bought, decorations are up and only a couple of things awaiting my disasterous attempts at wrapping a little later!

    Hope you have a wonderful xmas over there, and 2010 is the year of the faust!