Sunday, 20 December 2009

More True Blood casting...

Vampire Cafe spotted this interview with True Blood's Eric here, and a little more casting news here.

American Universities are now starting to offer courses on vampires in literature... read more about this here.

There is news of a new teen vampire book here... Northanger Alibi

The LA Times has a piece called "The Vampirization of America"

Taliesin today reviews "Sword of Dracula" a graphic novel by Jason Henderson.


  1. Hey! Thanks for the shoutout! you rock!
    Jenni James
    Northanger Alibi

  2. No problem Jenni, thats my job giving shoutouts to new vampire stuff! If you want a hand publicising it, let me know... I can send you a list of lots of blogs that do new book features, and a few that do reviews of anything vampire.