Monday, 7 December 2009

an extended absence

ok, monday was optimistic. Basically, we ran over a chunk of metal on a trip to the south coast, which has put a hole in the fuel tank of the car... and fingers crossed, at the moment we will have it back by friday to come home. (no thanks to LLOYDS INSURANCE, who are quite happy to abandon us without a car down here if ours cant be fixed, thanks guys!)

so... i dont have net access in general for another week, but heres a couple of highlights i've spotted at Vampire Cafe while i can do a post.

Horror of Sherwood is a film that has been talked about for a while... the cafe has casting details here, courtesy of shocktilyoudrop.

Summit entertainment has teamed up with Brad Pitt's production company to come up with a film called "Vlad", which takes a look at Vlad Tepes, the Prince behind the dracula story. Details are here.

The Vampire Cafe spotted a review of "Vampire party" here.

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