Monday, 28 September 2009

Vampire party

Right, heres hoping that there's better to be had tonight than over the weekend.

Starting here, with Vampchix blog... an interview with author of several vampire books, Eric Wilson

Vampire Cafe has spotted this, a new featurette for "The Vampires Assistant"

The cafe has also spotted this, an early review of "The Vampires Assistant"

Film news! Vampire Party is on the way, a french film & vampire comedy that is heading straight to dvd as you might imagine. and Vampire Cafe spotted this one.

Shocktilyoudrop has an interview with the one and only Corey Feldman, who talks about Lost Boys 3 : the bite. has a bunch of still from the next Vampire Diaries episode here.

A little silliness here that has appeared... one of those flash dress up games, but this time with a vampiress.


  1. A French vampire farce -- what will they think of next?! Having lived in France for a year, I must pick this one up!

    Too bad The Haimster was unable to do any Lost Boys sequels (like, where he had more than a brief cameo). Nothin' like The Two Coreys staking vampires....

  2. Nicole, the trailer (which was in german for some reason) looked particularly bad and un-funny... struggling to think of any vampire comedies that were worth watching, love at first bite maybe?

  3. I know, but sometimes something is just so bad I have to see it anyway! I remember one of my college French profs who LOVED that cartoon tv show, Inspector Gadget. It seems like the French are sometimes into more visual humor, and it looks like the vampire movie has a bunch.

    Love At First Bite -- I have not seen that one in so long, and I should really rent it because it is so funny. Also, Lauren Hutton and Jim Carrey were in another 80's vamp flick Once Bitten, and then Gina Davis played a vampire in Transylvania 6-5000 (which had a host of supernatural creatures).

  4. Vamp comedies... tough, he black comedies work awfully well but the farce ones... Love at Furst Bite hasn't, to me, stood the test of time but I must admit a love of Dracula: Dead and Loving It, Netherbeast Incorporated works really quite well and the original pilot of Being Human was very funny.

    Personally, I also love I bought a Vampire Motorcycle, very silly.

  5. oh me, oh my... how could I omit the Fright Night films

  6. Demons was pure comedy. wasnt it? did that series really happen?

  7. Don't joke... a news report today said that the dross that was Primeval has been rescued and then mentioned Demons... no definitive statement but just an insinuation that there might be a season 2 filled me with cold dread

  8. ugh... primeval was only better because the dinosaurs didnt spout crap dialogue, other than rawr! i would love a demons II, i could almost hear you shouting at the screen from here!